We’re always updating the Bronto Marketing Platform with features and options that make it easier to create your automated commerce marketing campaigns. Big and small, new or improved, here are a few upgrades we’ve made to our Message Editor in the last few months. Each of these changes originated from a submission at Bronto Ideas, so head over and add your support behind any other improvements you’d like to see!

Superscript and Subscript Text

First up, we’ve added one-click buttons for superscript and subscript within the rich text editor. Use them for copyright or registered trademarks. Maybe you have some math formulas you want to write out, or you’ve been dying to talk about H20. Now, they’re just one button away. A common workaround in the past had been to write your high/low text in Word or another text editor, then paste to our editor. That opens you up to the possibility of corrupted characters since Microsoft Word doesn’t always play well with other platforms. Now you can avoid copy and paste altogether and build it all in the Bronto Marketing Platform.

TIP: If you absolutely must copy something from MS Word or Outlook (it happens to the best of us!), use the clear formatting button to improve your chances of avoiding bad Microsoft formatting.

Numbered and Bulleted Lists

If your messages contain lists, you now have additional control over the type of bullet your list uses. Click on the expand icon next to each button, and you’ll be able to select from four types of lists. TIP: Have additional ideas for types of bullets or lists? Let me know in the comments!



RFM Metrics in Dynamic Content

Next up, we tackled a missing item on the dynamic content element. If you’ve ever wanted to base message content on the number of orders placed, total money spent or a subscriber’s last order date, you would have needed to build a segment first. But now, RFM metrics are a built-in option and can be used without any additional setup. Go forth and create message content that rewards your VIPs or frequent purchasers!


Disappearing Recommendation Loops

Lastly, a small but powerful option has been added to the Rec Loops element. Recommendations Standard was made available to everyone back in March, and our Recommendations Premium app offers even deeper personalization functionality. They both use the Message Editor’s Rec Loops to display customer-specific content.

No matter the type of recommendation, or which products you’re looking to include in your messages, there’s always the possibility that the loop will be empty. Maybe there aren’t any in-stock products that would be a good fit for that subscriber? Perhaps they’ve already purchased everything in a certain category? What happens to any introductory text if there are no products to recommend? You don't want a heading of "New For You" to be followed by ... nothing. To cover that possibility, we added a checkbox in the design settings for a new Rec Loop. If the loop returns no products, the entire container will be hidden. TIP: This checkbox is defaulted to hide the container if the loop is empty for all new Rec Loops as you add them to your messages. Any existing Rec Loops will not be changed. If you want to use this feature for any current messaging, you can edit and make the change manually. A few weeks ago, I hosted a live webinar on some of the hidden treats in Message Editor. For the visual learners out there, check out the recording of that webinar, Effectively Using the Email Message Editor. It includes a Q&A session toward the end.