It’s an exciting time in the world of mobile, and this year, Bronto will broaden our reach in the mobile space. This month, we have two exciting announcements about some changes and improvements to our SMS and MMS capabilities. First, we now fully support Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages as part of our SMS package. This means you can embed hosted images in your mobile messages. Simply enter your hosted image URL via the new ‘Media URL’ field on the SMS Message creation page, and you’re all set. Mobile1 You can also preview the final message with the image thumbnail to see how it will render on mobile devices. This comes in handy if you’re promoting a special product or have any campaign-related images you’d like to relay to customers via mobile message. Mobile2 MMS is currently limited to US customers, as this isn’t yet supported on our Canadian short codes. But we are delighted to announce that effective Jan. 19 we now support SMS in Canada! Here are the key takeaways:
  • Full Text-to-Join functionality is supported.
  • Same pricing as U.S. SMS
  • Support for purchasing dedicated Canadian Short Codes
  • 33233 is the Canadian short code (in addition to the existing U.S. one).
  • All accounts using Bronto’s U.S. short code automatically have access to the Canadian one. No account changes are required.
For French-Canadian contacts, we’ve implemented the following changes:
  • For STOP, we now also respond to ARRET and return a French reply: “Vous êtes désabonné de this campaign Alertes, aucun message ne sera envoyé. Repondre AIDE pour de l'aide ou 888-888-8888”
  • For HELP, we now also respond to AIDE and return a French reply: “[Campaign Name] Alertes: Aide à ou 888-888-8888. Les messages standards et les taux des données peuvent s'appliquer 1 msg/day. Répondre ARRET pour annuler.”
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