Transactional messages are just boring emails that let customers know you’ve received or shipped their order, right? Not so fast! They’re also a great way to promote your brand and upsell products that are tailored specifically to each shopper. Bronto makes it easy for you to add personalized recommendations to your transactional emails. And as these messages tend to have much higher open rates than most promotional messaging, why miss such a great opportunity to reach your valuable customers? NetSuite users can now send transactional messages directly from the Bronto Marketing Platform. SuiteCommerce Advanced, SuiteCommerce and SiteBuilder customers can use all the great drag-and-drop design tools in our user-friendly Message Editor to create transactional messages that go well beyond just notifying customers that their order is on the way. The messages that are currently supported with your Bronto integration are:
  • Order Received: Sent from Bronto when your SuiteCommerce Advanced, SuiteCommerce or Sitebuilder store receives an order.
  • Order Approved: Sent from Bronto when a Netsuite user approves an order placed by a customer.
  • Order Canceled: Sent from Bronto when an order is canceled or voided in NetSuite.
  • Order Fulfilled: Sent from Bronto when an order is set to fulfilled status in the NetSuite platform.

Connector Messages Tab

You can easily enable this feature in a new Messages section of the NetSuite Connector interface. If you’re a NetSuite user and don’t see this section, just sync your connector. From there, you can create a new message, name it and map it to the corresponding event trigger from NetSuite.


Here’s an example of what a configuration might look like: NetSuite Transactional configuration Once the connector is configured for transactional messaging, Bronto takes control of your sending pipeline and disables the appropriate NetSuite messages to ensure that customers don’t receive duplicate transactional emails from both NetSuite and Bronto. To make things even easier, we’ve also provided templates for each of the four transactional messages that include content tags and a generic template. You can find the templates under content>content tags. Just add your store branding, and you’re good to go! To add your product images to transactional messages, make sure you have imported your Product Feed to Bronto that includes your image URLs. Here’s an example of an order confirmation email that was built from our Content Tag Template. Content Tag Template Example

For more information on building and sending transactional messages with NetSuite, please see the Help Documentation, or reach out to our Professional Services team. For other questions, contact your account manager or our support team for assistance.