If you’re a commerce marketer, you probably don’t need us to sell you on the benefits of a cart recovery program. When consumers leave items in their cart without completing their order, it just makes sense to trigger a message or a campaign to bring them back to finish the purchase.

But it’s about more than just firing off cart reminder emails. Here are a few key findings from our research:

  • Over 70% of consumers leave items in a cart, but not all carts are abandoned.
  • Many shoppers use carts to transition between devices or to build lists of items to research at a later time.
  • Most shoppers (85%) find cart reminder emails helpful and 61% say a cart reminder email will get them back on your site.
With Bronto, you now have the opportunity to facilitate the cart-to-conversion experience, to connect with abandoners as they transition between devices and to exceed expectations for cart recovery messages. With powerful analytics, advanced personalization features and near real-time data capture, Cart Recovery gives you the tools you need to drive revenue by going beyond the outdated, narrowly-focused cart abandonment concept. Here’s the scoop on what makes Cart Recovery a must-have app for commerce marketers:

Simple, Fast Installation

Insert a few lines of JavaScript to enable the Bronto Listener to start tracking cart activity on your website and Bronto will handle the rest.

Fast & Accurate Data Capture

Identify abandoned carts in near real- time with the CartBeat feature and respond with a cart recovery message as soon as you deem appropriate.

Automated Cart Recovery Messages

Use a drag-and-drop canvas (Workflow Automation) to trigger a personalized message or message series.

Personalization & Dynamic Content

Dynamically insert detailed order and cart information into email and SMS messages.

Reporting & Metrics

Track detailed cart activity, including abandonment rates, recovery percentages, recoverable revenue and more.

Commerce Configuration

Let Bronto configure your cart and order tracking within the Bronto Marketing Platform. Want to make sure you’re maximizing the potential of Cart Recovery? Bronto Professional Services offers the Cart Recovery Sprint. To learn more, contact your Bronto Account Manager, or call 888-BRONTO-1.