Last week, John Gunther gave us a post about a number of New Features Rolling Out in Bronto, including some enhancements to reporting. Specifically, he mentioned the addition of a Deliverability metrics view to message and delivery reports. This view provides additional insight on some of the numbers provided in the report summary, as well as some previously unavailable statistics. Using the Deliverability report, you can drill-down into your delivery's performance to spot any potential trouble areas.

You can access the Deliverability report from any Message, Delivery, or Delivery Group report by simply clicking "Deliverability" in the row of options near the top of the report. For this post, we'll be using a Delivery report. 

The layout for the Deliverability view is similar to the other views in your reports, starting with the basic message information at the top. Here you will find the delivery "envelope" information, as well as the Delivery Rating.

Just below the basic delivery details, you'll see some new options. Using the button next to "Showing Metrics for," you can change the level of your reporting - from delivery to message, etc. Using the buttons to the right, you can generate detailed reports containing the data found on this page, or add contacts to a list based on their reporting data.

Next, you can view the Key Performance Indicators for Deliverability. These include the number Delivered, the Delivery Rate, and the Contact Loss Rate. Previously known as Turnover, Contact Loss Rate is the percentage of contacts who were made inactive as a result of this specific delivery.

Just below the summary statistics, you'll see a more detailed set of deliverability-related metrics. You can see the number of contacts that were made inactive due to bounces and complaints, as well as a breakdown by type of bounce or complaint registered.

Finally, at the bottom of the report, you'll notice a brand-new table called "Domain Specific Metrics." In this table, you'll see the deliverability statistics for each domain that was targeted in this delivery. If you click the icon circled below, labeled "Download Table Data," you can download a report of the information included in this table.

As always, if you have any questions about the Deliverability report or reporting in general, feel free to post in the comments or to open a case from the Support link within your account.

Brad Gurley
Support Associate at Bronto