Today we’re taking a big step forward with reporting and campaign management in Bronto by making both New Reports and Campaigns available to all eligible customers* (see note below). These are now available out-of-the-box by default for new customers, too. With these powerful features enabled, you will have instant insight, customization and control over a comprehensive set of email metrics at every level. Site, Campaign, Delivery, Message, Split Group, List and Segment Reports are available – all brand new from the ground up, designed to leverage our robust Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) frameworks and scale for the future.

New Reports

Our goal with New Reports was simple: Give our customers fast access to insightful reporting metrics and trends while ensuring accuracy at every step. Our platform can aggregate billions of inbound marketing-related events every day. That’s a hard number to imagine, so think of it this way: We’re handling millions of events every minute – that’s hundreds of thousands of events per second. We designed our new reporting solutions to support a much higher level of speed and performance – now and into the future. Key highlights:
  • A fresh, fully responsive and intuitive user interface, with simple navigation and data filters.
  • Over 30 key metrics that can be combined in hundreds of ways.
  • Powerful date-range and time-series visualization.
  • Device-level reports for metric views by desktop, phone and tablet throughout all core reports.
  • Link-level RFM metrics and industry-leading heat maps.
  • Multi-currency filtering (not conversion) for USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and CAD.
  • Brand new Segment and List Reports.
  • Email Performance Report for site-level metrics on all email metrics, across all devices, etc.
  • Summary Report Export (coming soon).
You can access any new email report by clicking the report icon next to any delivery, message, split group, list or segment in your account.  You can also view your account-level email performance report by clicking on Reports and selecting Email Performance.


Campaigns are a new foundational component of the Bronto Marketing Platform. They’re designed to represent one-to-one alignment in Bronto with your real-world campaigns and provide simple organization, tracking and management for programs of all sizes. An individual campaign in Bronto is essentially a defined series of messages that align with your email strategy. You can create campaigns in seconds and associate them with messages during message creation, editing, scheduling and in workflows to better track and view their performance. Key highlights:
  • Simple, straightforward campaign management via our familiar Bronto user interface.
  • Automatic roll-up and display of campaign-level metrics as messages are sent and received.
  • Powerful campaign automation via Workflows, via workflow- or node-level campaign integration.
  • Campaign-level behavioral segmentation for email criteria.
  • Dedicated REST APIs for creation, editing and basic campaign management.
  • API v4 integration for assigning CampaignID to deliveryObject (optional).
  • Lays the groundwork for long-term campaign content management and reporting beyond email.

Upon enablement, all message deliveries require an associated campaign prior to sending. This is a small change, which can easily be set during message creation, editing or scheduling. A default campaign can be set for messages to avoid having to set this every time. For existing customers, Campaigns can be found under the Messages menu. Enabling this feature is optional, but once enabled, Bronto will not be able to disable Campaigns.

If you turn Campaigns on, we recommend the following best practices:

  • Emphasize pre-send planning. Don’t rush email out the door.
  • Align Bronto campaigns with your specific, real-world campaigns.
  • Create current and near-term campaigns as a first step.
  • Create new or clone messages for new campaigns, rather than re-using the same ones with minor tweaks.
  • Associate campaigns when creating messages to avoid downstream user workflow changes.
*Note: New Reports and Campaigns are available for customers on Bronto’s Order Service. If you’re using Advanced Conversions to pull order data through Bronto, contact your Account Manager to plan a pathway onto Order Service so you can take advantage of these awesome features. For a deeper dive into the new features, check out "New Reports + Campaigns: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven." This webinar will get you up to speed on how to start taking advantage of these exciting new features.