We now support adding, updating, reading and deleting Content Tags with API v4!


What are Content Tags?

Content Tags allow you to store reusable content in one location that can be easily accessed by multiple messages.

For example, you may have a Return Policy that you include in promotional messages, as well as transactional messages such as order confirmation and shipping confirmation messages. What happens when the customer changes their return policy?

If you're not using Content Tags, you'll have to edit every message to reflect the change in the policy. If you are using Content Tags, you only have to update that content tag, and all of the messages that use the content tag will reflect the change.

How does API access to Content Tags help you?

Accessing Content Tags with the API lets you update the content within the Content Tag without having to log in to the application. This is especially useful when you need to make frequent updates to message content.

For example, you may want to advertise the Deal of the Day in each email that goes out. Since this will change daily, using the API to update the content instead of having to log in to the application could be a significant time-saver.

Other uses:

  • Daily/Weekly discount codes
  • Daily/Weekly Deal
  • New Products
  • Top Selling Products
  • Store Hours
  • Employee of the Day/Week/Month
  • Customer of the Day/Week/Month
  • Special Offers

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Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya)
Product Marketing Manager
Bronto Software