You have a two-part Welcome Series: Welcome Message 1 is sent immediately after Contact is Added; you then delay 2 days; Welcome Message 2 is sent

You have decided that you would like to randomly send 1 of 5 versions of Welcome Message 1 to the contact. Regardless of the version of Welcome Message 1, you still want to delay 2 days and then send all contacts the same Welcome Message 2

Prior to this enhancement, the workflow would look like this: If you look closely, you will see that the 5 "Delay Nodes" are the same. In addition, the "Send Email" nodes used to send "Welcome Message 2" are the same. Wouldn't it be much easier if you could simply connect all of the "Welcome Message 1" nodes to a single Delay Node? Well, now you can! Workflow nodes now accept multiple inputs. Continuing with the example above, we can cut the original workflow from 17 nodes down to 9 nodes. This is much easier to create and maintain! [Click on image to enlarge] IMPORTANT: It is possible to create a workflow that would put a contact in an endless loop. Care should be taken when connecting the output of one node to the input of a node higher up in the workflow. More to come on ways to prevent this. Here is an example of a potential endless loop:

Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya)
Product Marketing Manager