Version 2.2, followed by Version 2.3 in May. Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of Version 2.4. Here are the key new features.

Post-Purchase Care Notifications and Reorder Reminders

With Version 2.3, we gave you the ability to send Product Review Request emails. Reviews are a great way to spark more buyer interest in your products. We have now added two more post-purchase messages you can send: Care Notifications and Reorder Reminders. Care Notifications allow you to stay engaged with your buyer post-purchase and to promote accessories, as well as cross- and up-sells. Reorder Reminders, or replenishment emails, are a terrific way to drive repeat purchases of specific products, such as ink cartridges that need to be replenished or a pair of shoes that eventually needs replacing. Both email types can be sent at desired intervals post-purchase, and they can be highly personalized with product details.

Automatically Apply Coupon Codes

You can now automatically apply a coupon code to a customer’s shopping session when a visited URL contains a certain query parameter. This makes for a much more seamless consumer experience because the shopper doesn’t have to take an additional step to apply the coupon. Automatically applying coupons makes it easier on the customer. (Click on image to enlarge.) To round things out, we also added an enhancement to Coupon Manager, so you can now append each customer's unique coupon code as a query parameter on any links. You can choose to act on the query parameters added by Coupon Manager with your own e-commerce platform, we just did the work for you when it comes to Magento. Don't forget our Magento extension also automatically handles the redemption tracking of coupons back to Coupon Manager, giving you great reporting and actionable insights. You can view the release notes for the Bronto Extension for Magento Version 2.4 here. Like these new features? Let us know by posting a comment below.

Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya)
Product Marketing Manager