If you’ve been tuning in to our product blog in recent months, you’re already in the loop on Apps. It all started back in November with the launch of our first App, Pop-Up Manager.


Then came Coupon Manager and Data Loader. Then came the Bronto Summit, where we unveiled the Bronto AppCenter – a library of more than 50 Apps for the Bronto Marketing Platform – as well as the Apps Dashboard in Bronto.

For a brief recap of the Bronto Apps launch, including a link to our Bronto Apps webinar, check out this blog post.

But it’s all just the beginning. We’re continuing to scope and develop new Apps, and to enhance the Apps we’ve already released.

Here are some of the new features that are now available with Coupon Manager:

  • Coupon Redemption – You can now track redemption for your coupons! This includes tracking and reporting on valuable metrics such as Redemption Rate, Average Redemption Time and Revenue/Discount Per Coupon. Some of the available metrics can also be used to build segments in Bronto. 

Coupon Manager Dashboard

Coupon Manager Account Report

  • Barcode Support – The enhanced Coupon Manager Editor now includes support for barcodes. 

Coupon Manager Editor

  • Rolling Expiration – In addition to setting a coupon expiration date, you now have the flexibility to include a rolling expiration date ("This coupon will expire in X days").

Coupon Manager Rolling Expiration

  • Coupon Uniqueness – You can now reuse the same coupon across a whole campaign (e.g., a welcome series). 
  • Depletion Notifications – You can now choose to be notified via email when there are less than X coupon codes remaining. 
  • Coupon Generator – Configure various patterns to generate coupons and then download a CSV of those coupons so they can be imported into your respective e-commerce platform.
  • Coupon Redemption for the Bronto Extension for Magento – Use Coupon Manager to automatically track redemption for your Magento coupons. 
  • Management of Unused Codes – Move unassigned coupons to another campaign, or simply delete them.
  • Coupon Codes Download – Download coupon codes in various states (All, Assigned, Redeemed, Unassigned).
  • Offline Creation/Redemption via Data Loader – Create a new Import Job in Data Loader to either upload codes to a specific campaign or to mark codes as redeemed for reporting in Coupon Manager.

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Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya)
Product Marketing Manager
Bronto Software