Today, we will be rolling out some new features that can help to improve your email marketing experience. These features are being rolled out as part of our new continuous deployment process. To read more about this process, check out Continuous Deployment At Bronto.

What's New For October 19, 2010?

Segmenting On Delivery Groups

We have added the ability to create segments based on delivery groups. You can create segments based on whether a delivery group was sent to, opened, clicked on any link, converted, and much more.

Deliverability Reports

When viewing reports, we have added in a deliverability page. The deliverability page gives you detailed deliverability metrics that allow you to pinpoint why contacts may be having trouble receiving emails from you, as well as why you may be losing contacts.

Metrics Based On Emails Delivered

When viewing reports, we have added in metrics that are calculated over emails delivered. To help ease the transition to switching to more contact focused pipeline metrics, you can click View: Delivered Metrics on the overview page of reports to view the metrics over delivered. Additionally, on the Clicks page for reports, you will also be able to view the Click Through Rate. 

Hierarchical Navigation For Reports

To make it easier to visualize the relationship between the different types of reports (message, delivery, A/B split test, etc.), we have redesigned the report navigation to be hierarchical. Now, for example, it's easier to tell that a delivery report is a subset of a message report when you click the Showing Metrics For: button.

API v4 calls for Delivery Groups

You can harness the power of delivery groups via version 4 of the API. We have added in readDeliveryGroup, addDeliveryGroup, updatedDeliveryGroup, and deleteDeliveryGroup. For more information on the delivery groups API calls, see the deliveryGroupObject page. If you have any questions about the new features we are rolling out, please leave them in the comments section below.

John Gunther
Technical Writer/eLearning Specialist at Bronto
Editor of Brontoversity