Commerce marketing automation is about helping you maximize engagement and revenue throughout the customer lifecycle and across key marketing channels. But none of that matters unless you can first get the consumer in the door. This is where Pop-Up Manager can help. It’s a fun, engaging and proven way to rapidly grow your email list. In fact, we recently completed a benchmark study on Pop-Up Manager and the success Bronto customers have had with it. Here’s what we found:
  • Bronto customers who use Pop-Up Manager have experienced an increase in list growth rate ranging from single digits to as much as 10 times their previous rate.
  • In terms of raw numbers, Bronto clients’ subscriber lists typically increase 2.5 to 3-fold in size within 12 months of launching the app.
And Pop-Up Manager just keeps getting better! We released a major update late last year and have some exciting new features to announce today:

Mobile Versions

You can now deploy two versions of a pop-up at once, one for desktop and one for mobile, to ensure the best experience for consumers and optimize conversions.

Pop-Up Manager_Mobile VersionsField Data Capture

You can now add fields to the pop-up form to capture data beyond just the email address to better inform and personalize future mailings.

Pop-Up Manager_Field Data CaptureUnique Coupons

You can now display a unique coupon as a thank you and weave that same code into your welcome series for a consistent experience to help drive that crucial, initial purchase. This requires the use of Coupon Manager. Pop-Up Manager_Unique Coupons