By now, you have probably heard about our new Email Message Editor, how we designed it, and how it will improve message creation in Bronto. Bronto's New Email Message Editor After countless development hours, we’re now only days away from making the Email Message Editor available in all Bronto accounts. For those of you who have been using it via Bronto Labs, not much will change. For those of you still using the legacy message editor, here is what you need to know:
  • On Tuesday, August 4, at 10am EDT, the Email Message Editor will be enabled for all Bronto accounts. No action is required on your part.
  • Your new messages will now be created in this Message Editor, but you can continue to edit existing messages with the legacy editor.
  • Documentation will be available in Bronto's Online Help, along with a step-by-step tour that will walk you through the new editor the first time you use it.
  • This change will not impact your current activity pipeline in Bronto (Workflows and Automated Message Rules you’ve created, scheduled deliveries, etc.).
  • We’re excited to bring you the Email Message Editor, and we think you’ll love the new experience. As always, let us know what you think by posting a comment below.
For more details behind this change, here’s a brief FAQ. Q: What are some of the benefits of the drag-and-drop Message Editor?
  • Drag-and-Drop Layout Editor – You can now drag, drop, reorder and even replicate images and content blocks for added flexibility and a more intuitive (and faster) message creation experience.
  • Responsive Design – All of the messages you create with the new editor are 100% responsive. You only have to create one version of the email.
  • Product Catalog – You can easily insert product data from your catalog into your messages for more targeted and personalized emails.

Q: Can I still use the legacy message editor? A: Existing messages in your account that were created with the legacy editor will still be edited with the legacy editor. New messages will be created with the Email Message Editor.

Q: Will I lose access to any of my existing messages? A: No, you can continue to edit your existing messages using the legacy message editor.

Q: Is there any way to convert messages from the legacy message editor to the new Email Message Editor? A: While there is no automated way to convert messages, our professional services team can convert your messages as part of a services offering. Contact your Account Manager for more info.

Q: Does the Email Message Editor have all the functionality of the legacy message editor? A: Yes. While the actions are performed in slightly different ways, anything you could accomplish in the legacy message editor can be done in the Email Message Editor. And you get more features as well, such as the ability to insert product information from your catalog into your emails.

For any additional questions, please contact your Account Manager.