Pop-Up Manager was one of the first Bronto apps we introduced last year, and it’s still one of the most popular apps among our users. It gives you a visual editor for creating, testing and managing pop-up sign-ups. If you want to see your email marketing database skyrocket, this is the app for you!

We have just completed our biggest update of Pop-Up Manager since we initially introduced the app in late 2013. Here are the new features:

Rich Text

When you create new pop-ups, you’ll notice a rich text editor for the text areas. A note mentioning this new functionality will display when you edit previously created pop-ups. You can also add links for things such as your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. You can even edit the HTML source for extra styling. Not all tags are supported, but we have added specific support for the img tag (for adding images) and the link tag (for other cool things like using Google Fonts). Check out the HelpHub FAQ for more info.


Transparent Background

The color picker now has an X in the corner to select a transparent background, and you can also adjust the slider to change the opacity.



Include URLs

You can now use "Include URL Paths" to make targeting specific pages easier, instead of having to enter all possible exclusions. Check out the HelpHub FAQ for more info.


Cookie Uniqueness

We cleaned up the Cookie Policies section a little bit and added a new setting for Cookie Uniqueness. The options are Domain and Pop-up Version. Domain is the default and how things have been functioning to this point. This means the cookie is created for the domain and would stop someone from seeing the pop-up again even after you deploy a new version. Selecting Pop-up Version means the cookies are specific to each version so you could deploy a new pop-up version for the holidays and make sure everyone sees it. Check out the HelpHub FAQ for more info. 


Support for Multiple Pop-ups on the Same Domain

If you purchase multiple pop-ups and would like them deployed on the same site, you can now do that. For example, you may want one pop-up to only display when someone clicks the email signup box in the footer, while also having a separate pop-up displayed as usual.

Support for Multiple Subdomains and Multiple Top-Level Domains

This means you can enter, say, brontogear into the domain settings and the pop- up will work for shop.brontogear.com, brontogear.net and brontogear.com.au. If you want to restrict it to a certain domain then you can be more specific. For example, entering brontogear.com means it will work for shop.brontogear.com and brontogear.com, but not brontogear.net.

Disabled Auto-Focus for IE

IE browsers do not display the placeholder text when the input field is selected, so we no longer auto-focus the email input field in IE browsers.


A month ago, we actually switched CDNs (Content Delivery Network) from Amazon CloudFront to Fastly. This new CDN provides much faster load times, and newly deployed changes will be reflected almost immediately, as opposed to the waits of 5-15 minutes we had previously with Amazon.

Like these new features? Let us know by posting a comment below.

Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya)
Product Marketing Manager
Bronto Software