Bronto Software Urges Brands to Prioritize Personalisation

SYDNEY – 16 December 2015 – Bronto Software, the leader in commerce marketing automation and a NetSuite (NYSE: N) company, today released a new report that reveals how consumers want retailers to personalise their ecommerce shopping journey, and what new personalisation tactics retailers should use to engage consumers, build loyalty and drive revenue. The report, “Commerce Marketing Gurus: Top 2016 Trends,” compiles expert advice and the results of multiple Bronto surveys of shoppers and retailers, urging commerce marketers to move personalisation to the top of their New Year’s resolutions. According to the report:
  • Cart recovery is still a revenue driver. About 75% of shoppers use their online shopping carts to store items with plans to revisit them later. Cart recovery emails are 100X more effective than other less-personal email tactics.
  • Knowing the customer’s in-store/online behaviour can have a huge effect on sales and engagement – 40% of shoppers will revisit their online shopping carts during an in-store visit. Making this data available to in-store associates could make the in-store/online shopping experience more seamless – and lucrative.
  • Browser abandonment is the next frontier of personalisation: 15% of retailers surveyed say they send browser recovery emails when a shopper abandons their search before filling a cart. And the numbers are growing as the technology for automating these messages becomes more readily available.
  • Welcome message series work. They can deliver a double-digit revenue increase.
Shannon Ingrey, General Manager at Bronto Software Australia, urged retailers to underpin their personalisation efforts with robust automation that will provide timely, targeted and relevant messages. “Savvy retailers should quickly message customers who have just purchased to thank them, offer complementary items and encourage a product or shopping experience review to generate future marketing and purchase opportunities,” said Ingrey. The report also identifies other important trends and provides tips for converting them into opportunities in 2016, including:
  • Skip the mobile app and concentrate on delivering a top-notch mobile experience: Shoppers are increasingly using their smartphones to window shop, check prices when they are in the store, or park items in a shopping cart to review later. It’s crucial to understand how shoppers use mobile devices to refine the purchase process and deliver the mobile experience they’re looking for.
  • Make social an enhancement and extension of the ecommerce efforts:
Retailers should use the customer data collected from emails to help inform their social strategy and vice versa. They can then use the information from their social media ad spend to refine their ecommerce messaging and segmentation. To see more hot trends, download the full report: “Commerce Marketing Gurus: Top 2016 Trends.”

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