At Bronto, we’re continuously investing in our infrastructure to keep our platform at the front of the pack. That includes updating our security protocols and best practices on a regular basis to protect against new threats as the digital landscape evolves. In order to provide the most secure services, Bronto will continue to support the latest Transport Layer Security (TLS) security protocol, TLS 1.2, while removing support for versions 1.0 and 1.1 from the Bronto Marketing Platform effective May 25, 2018. All Bronto customers will need to upgrade their web browsers to a version with TLS 1.2 support by the cutoff date to ensure continued service. Additionally, it is imperative that customers coordinate with their technical staff to ensure all API-based integrations exclusively support TLS 1.2 to avoid interruptions in functionality.

Reasons for the Transition

We are implementing this change in order to continue providing the most secure services to our customers in alignment with industry standards, placing security at the forefront. Originally developed as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection in the 1990s, TLS protocols provide security when transmitting data over a network. Introduced in 2008, TLS 1.2 is the most recent version and addresses a number of security vulnerabilities that have been identified in TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. The original transition date of May 31 has been revised to May 24 to align with the EU-based General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement, which includes provisions for TLS.

What’s Changing

After May 24, 2018, the Bronto Marketing Platform will no longer accept inbound connections from customers using TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. Additionally, we will be removing support for a less secure cipher used in the TLS protocol commonly referred to as 3DES (technically known as DES-CBC3-SHA). To ensure a secure connection, we recommend that you upgrade to and use the latest web browser version available. The following web browsers and versions support TLS 1.2 by default:
  • Apple Safari (desktop) – version 7 (or later)
  • Apple Safari (mobile) – iOS 5 (or later)
  • Google Chrome – version 30 (or later)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer – version 11 (or later)
  • Mozilla Firefox – version 27 (or later)

Not Sure If You Need to Upgrade?

If all this discussion of TLS and 3DES is sounding like alphabet soup to you, don’t worry – it’s easy to check whether you need to do anything. The websites and will allow you to test your browser to determine which version of TLS and ciphers it supports. If your browser already supports TLS 1.2, you’re good to go! If your browser is using an earlier version of the TLS protocol, refer to your help documentation to learn how to install the latest upgrades. Additional API testing can be done using, which allows a connection into the live production environment using only TLS 1.2. If your connection is successful here, no further changes are required. Please note: This testing URL is for testing TLS connectivity; if the connection is successful, any API calls are still connecting to your live production environment. Therefore, any and all changes are the same as with the default API URL of At Bronto, we’re committed to delivering the level of service and security that you’ve come to expect. If you have any questions related to this transition, please contact our help desk for additional information.