Shopify Plus users can now send transactional email messages through Bronto

We’ve had many requests from Shopify Plus users who want to add transactional emails in the Bronto Marketing Platform. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, we’ve launched Shopify Plus message mapping for the most common transactional email events so that you can send relevant messages directly from Bronto – and enjoy the advanced reporting and easy updating that comes with it. The messages that are currently supported with your Bronto integration are:
  • Order confirmation: Sent from Bronto when your Shopify Plus store receives an order.
  • Order cancellation: Sent from Bronto when an order is canceled on your Shopify Plus administration panel.
  • Shipping confirmation: Sent from Bronto when an order is set to a fulfilled status on the Shopify Plus platform.
  • Customer account welcome: Sent from Bronto when your customer creates a customer account on the Shopify Plus storefront.
The feature is easily enabled in a new Messages section of the Shopify Connector interface (if you’re a Shopify Plus user and don’t see this section, just sync your connector). Here, you can create a new message, name it and map it to the corresponding event trigger from the Shopify event webhook. An example configuration would look like this: Shopify Plus Transactional Message Mapping Bronto A few things to keep in mind before enabling any of the Bronto-supported messages:
  • The new transactional messages feature is only available for Shopify Plus users. If you are a Shopify customer, you will not see the new Messages section.
  • The Orders and Products modules must be enabled for Bronto to receive order data and product information. This data will be used to populate the transactional messages and therefore must exist in Bronto.
  • Before enabling transactional messages in Bronto, you must first contact your Merchant Success Manager at Shopify Plus to disable the corresponding messages on that platform. If you skip this step, your customers will receive two emails: one from Bronto and one from Shopify Plus.
We are pleased to deliver this new piece of functionality for our Shopify Plus users. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. For more information on building and sending transactional messages with Shopify Plus, please see the Shopify Help Documentation or reach out to our Professional Services team. For other questions, contact your account manager or get in touch with our support team for assistance.