webinar, according to the Direct Marketing Association, targeted emails generate 70% more revenue than non-targeted emails. With this in mind, we continue to enhance our segmentation system to enable you to create more targeted campaigns that generate even more revenue. Here's a recap of the latest changes. Previously, in the new Segment Builder, you were able to segment on contacts who clicked (or did not click) a specific link in your email message. But, this criteria was limited to a single delivery. We've now expanded the 'Specified Link Clicks' criteria to allow you to segment on contacts who clicked a link across messages within a Delivery Group or at the Message level (all deliveries of the message). This can help simplify your segments, especially if you were using this criteria multiple times in a segment to represent all deliveries for a message. As with Deliveries, just select your message, pick the link you want to segment on, and you're all set. Specified Link Clicks We now also let you specify content within your URL to segment on. So, if you don't want to pick a link, you can simply select the "On a Link Containing" option and then enter your criteria. This is helpful if you want to segment on links that share a common keyword, such as 'store' or 'signup', without having to find each link. On a Link Containing Also, Bronto now lets you segment on these criteria across not just one, but ALL of your messages. This comes in handy if you have common links across all of your emails that you want to include in your segment. Clicked in All Messages For example, let's say you have a universal navigation bar across the top of your emails. You can now segment on contacts who have clicked one or more of those links across every message sent. Not only is this powerful, but it makes building your segment a lot easier, since you don't need to add additional rules for individual messages or deliveries. Like this feature? Let us know by posting a comment below. Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya) Product Marketing Manager Bronto Software]]>