At Bronto we like making your life easier. One way we do this is by incorporating best practices right into the email marketing workflow. A good example of this is remarketing, or in this specific case, remails.

What Are Remails?

Remails are messages sent out to your contacts based on their response to previous messages. Hello, boosted ROI! That's right, these emails can really help to increase your conversions.

The way remails works is that your first message goes out normally, then after a day or two, we automatically send the email out again to those people who didn't open it. The idea is to reach your contacts at a different time, and maybe with a slightly different message, to help get their attention this time around.

Let's check out how you can leverage these powerful, ROI enhancing messages with just a click of your mouse.

Setting Up Remails In Bronto

When scheduling a delivery, click on the Show Advanced Options link at the bottom of the screen. You have several advanced options at your disposal, among them is remails.

If you choose the first option for remails, then you will be sending out the same email again to people who didn't open it the first time. It's up to you how long to wait before resending. One day is good, but depending on your contacts' email habits, you may want to give it 2 or 3 days.

When using this option, you can also modify the subject line for the remail. Just click the checkbox and then add in a new subject line that will hopefully grab the attention of the people who didn't open your first message.

If you want to put a bit more effort into remails, then you can go with the second remail option. This option allows you to select a different message to send out. It also allows you to select different criteria. Selecting a different criteria not only allows you to target those who didn't open the email, but you can go even deeper and target people who opened but didn't click or who clicked through but didn't convert.

With Great Power Come Great Responsibility

One bit of advice is to not overuse the remail feature. It's great to use it on an important or particularly profitable email, but using it on all emails can cause contact fatigue (i.e. your contacts receive too many emails and begin to unsubscribe). However, using this tool judiciously, you can bolster your email marketing efforts and continue to drive increasing ROI.

Got any questions about remails? Do you have a success story using Bronto's remail feature? If so, we'd love to hear them in our comments section below!

Adam Covati
Product Manager at Bronto