Do you want your email campaigns to be delivered at a specific time, no matter which time zone they live in? Tired of individually scheduling multiple deliveries for one campaign to different time zones? Bronto now offers Time Zone Sending! Whether your subscribers live in California, Virginia, or Germany, you can schedule your email campaigns to be sent at the same time. When scheduling your emails, now you’ll see a section for Time Zone Sending. When checked, Bronto sends the message based on the time zone listed for each contact — and what’s more, we assign the appropriate time zone for you. Once a contact opens an email from you, either on desktop or mobile, we capture their GeoIP location. We store the most frequently-occurring IP address in the 14-day period prior to the most recent click or open activity – so you don’t have to do this manually. We’ve also added a new icon on the deliveries grid, which will display when time zone sending was used for a quick reference. You’ll also see it listed on delivery reports. Time zone sending offers optimized send times and engagement — and less manual work!