The mantra of any good marketer is, “Always be testing.” To support this practice, we are proud to introduce Previewer, a new inbox preview app from Bronto! This app is the latest in a line of offerings created to help you polish your messages into a perfect representation of your brand. As a brief side note, we had a long debate over what exactly to call this new app. I was inclined to dub it The Prognosticator, which my colleagues rightfully noted sounded like a terrible 1980s action movie. But we eventually decided on Previewer, which seems like a perfect fit. Previewer brings several new features to the Bronto Marketing Platform (BMP), including the ability to see how your messages look when displayed on different devices. The app renders your messages as they will appear on more than 30 email clients. Here is an example of a message preview for an iPhone 6:

iPhone preview example

Previewer also offers the ability to audit your message’s images and links, helping you narrow down potential problems while also providing recommendations for how to remedy them. One of Previewer’s most exciting features is its ability to conduct spam audits. The spam audit checks your message against the top spam-filtering options and provides actionable feedback organized by the filtering services, which allows you to address issues one at a time rather than all at once. Best of all, while the app is purchased separately, it's fully integrated with the BMP. You do not have to manage multiple devices or pass message data through to another service; everything is handled by the app. You can see your messages, check the images and links, and then check for spam content directly within the BMP. With all of this in one place, why preview your messages anywhere else? Like how this sounds? Contact your Account Manager about purchasing the Previewer app.