Today’s online shoppers don’t just want personalized content — they expect it. No longer is it enough to just add customers’ first names to your email subject lines and call it a day. They expect useful, engaging content tailored to their interests and preferences. In fact, according to Accenture’s 2018 Personalization Pulse Check, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations. Personalized product recommendations have been shown to increase conversions, revenue, and average order value (AOV). With Bronto’s Recommendations Premium, it’s easy to build highly-tailored product recommendations. Here are five ways to incorporate personalized recommendations into your email strategy throughout the customer lifecycle.

1. Welcome

When a customer makes their first purchase, you immediately gain a wealth of valuable information. Grow their loyalty and engagement by tailoring the way you welcome them to your brand. If you’re a footwear retailer, the message you send a 50-year-old woman from Florida who bought three pairs of sandals should be very different from the one you send to a teenager who ordered basketball sneakers. Add even more personalization by featuring items from the same brand or product category.

2. Browse Recovery

You know a shopper has browsed your website, but they didn’t add anything to their cart. Give indecisive shoppers a hand by offering alternatives based on what others bought or browsed. For example, if they’ve been searching for a new phone case, show them the cases that similar browsers ended up buying.

3. Cart Recovery 

In this case, you notice that a shopper has had a pair of jeans in their shopping cart without purchasing. You send them a cart recovery email, but with no success. At this point, they may no longer be interested — but that doesn’t mean they’re not open to purchasing something else. Try showing them jeans that other people bought after viewing the original pair.

4. Post-Purchase

Congratulations! A shopper has finally made a purchase. Now what? Encourage repeat buyers by offering a thank-you incentive and suggesting products that are frequently bought with the original item. If they purchased a winter jacket, maybe they’re also interested in a matching hat, scarf, or pair of gloves.

5. Re-Engagement

Just because a customer hasn’t made a purchase in a while doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about you — they may just need an incentive to come back. Catch their attention by offering a discount code for a product category they’ve expressed interest in or highlighting new arrivals they may like based on their past activity.

Email Recommendations Made Easy

As online shoppers seek out more personalized experiences, relevant recommendations are key to driving engagement, building a loyal customer base, and growing revenue. For more on how to personalize your emails with recommendations — and how adding recommendations to your emails can help — check out our latest webinar.