Guest: Stephanie Maassen, Senior CRM Manager, Balsam Hill Whether you’re a seasonal business or not, focusing on the customer experience is a key component of driving repeat and loyal customers. But, if you sell high-quality, made-to-last artificial Christmas trees, how do you generate that repeat business? How do you stay relevant and top-of-mind throughout the non-holiday season? Enter post-purchase email marketing.

"Even emails that are really meant for customer service to make sure we're addressing their needs do convert. Once they have that confidence, they feel that this is a trustworthy company and make another purchase." — Stephanie Maassen
In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, we’re going to talk about how one seasonal retailer found success driving repeat business by focusing on a dedicated post-purchase email marketing strategy. I welcomed the Senior CRM Manager of Balsam Hill, Stephanie Maassen to talk about the genesis of the strategy, how they got it done, and what they learned along the way. Listen to the full podcast episode on Apple Podcasts and YouTube, and as always, don’t forget to rate review and subscribe.