When Bronto introduced the ability to store product data in our marketing platform last year, we knew exactly where we wanted to leverage that data next: product recommendations. Over the past several years, the trend in marketing has been clear. Consumers expect timely and relevant product content presented to them at every turn. It’s not enough to simply send promotional emails or order confirmations. You must find more and more ways to create targeted marketing campaigns to drive increased profitability. And we know you’d prefer to do so all under one roof. That's why we created Recommendations Standard. It's Bronto’s solution for customizable, targeted product recommendations. It lets you build dynamic recommendations, based on your product data, to populate merchandising blocks in your marketing messages. And you can do it all from within Bronto. It’s easy to use and simple to configure, as long as you store your product data in Bronto.

Customization and Flexibility

We don’t pretend to know all of your business needs, so rather than forcing you to choose from a set of standard recommendations, we allow you to customize exactly how a recommendation should work. You can toggle on settings for how the recommendation should behave, define criteria for filtering your product list and identify priorities to determine how these products should be sorted. Recommendations Standard lets you build an unlimited number of these custom recommendations. Predictor OptionsTo make life even easier, the feature also lets you quickly view and edit your existing recommendations, leverage pre-built templates to get off to a quick start, set global settings and criteria for one-click use, and view effectiveness and usage reports to improve the quality of your recommendations. Simply put, it gives you the utmost flexibility to automate finding products that meet your business needs and then populate your marketing messages with them. Predictor exampleAlready thinking about the types of recommendations you might incorporate into your marketing messages? The possibilities are endless, but here are a few examples:
    • Upcoming sale items, current sale items or items whose sale is coming to an end.
    • Pre-order and new product arrivals.
    • Back-in-stock items.
    • Highly rated products.
    • Clearance items (i.e. price drops).
    • Products related to a specific brand and/or category.
    • Holiday promotions.
And using them is a breeze, too. It was critical to us that we leverage the power of the Bronto Marketing Platform when integrating Recommendations Standard. We didn’t want it to require a different process for designing your messages. With it, you’ll continue to build your messages the same way. Simply insert product tags and tell us what recommendations to use when you send your message. You’ll never have to worry about copying and pasting large chunks of HTML every time you want to use a recommendation. We believe you’ll gain tremendous value with Recommendations Standard, both in time savings and increased profitability.