Setting Up Test Contacts The first action that you will need to take is to create a couple of email addresses that carry the characteristics that you are basing your content on. When you create these contacts, be sure to check the box next to "Use for dynamic preview".  Once you have this checked, make sure that your contact is on the list or has the field information that would qualify it for specific content to be displayed.

Viewing The Previews

Once your message has dynamic code in place, you will want to choose the show preview button from the editing screen to see how your content looks. This view will show up in a pop-up window over your editor. The top of this window will have a drop down box.  This box will contain the email addresses of any contact that has dynamic preview enabled.  If you choose any of these addresses, you should get a preview of what that contact's email should look like.

It's important to note that there is also an option in the drop down list for the "Default" view. This is the view that contacts will receive if they do not fit in any of the criteria that you have specified in your dynamic code.

More Dynamic Options

If you feel like you have now become an expert on dynamic content in Bronto, maybe you should read our blog post Cracking The Dynamic Content Code to see how powerful this feature is. Remember to contact support at Bronto if you have any issues or questions.

Frank Chapman
Bronto Client Services