Consideration #1: Creative The Ibex email is a great example of a review request, thanking the customer for their purchase, showcasing the different items purchased through photos and linking directly to those products to review.

While I believe featuring and linking to specific purchases is ideal, don’t be afraid to go generic like DSW if you don't have the ability to incorporate dynamic content. DSW offers a general review call-to-action, asking folks to log in to their accounts to find the shoes they purchased.  Doing something simply is better than doing nothing perfectly.

Consideration #2: Incentive

Any time you ask subscribers for something (their time, feedback, etc), they'll want to know what's it in for them, so incentivizing will boost response. Contests, such as the one Ibex touts, are great ways to entice without relying on coupons and cutting into margin.

Consideration #3: Timing

Timing is a critical factor for review requests. If you send immediately after purchase or before the customer has a chance to receive and use the product, the email will get buried and forgotten.  Guesstimate how long the product would take to be shipped and be used/experienced in some way and set up your trigger appropriately. Set up the message to go "x" days post-purchase or even post-ship date.

Consideration #4: Follow-up

Highly consider sending a follow-up thank you message to those who review your product and include a reward, if possible. DSW sent me a thank you message along with a surprise coupon (I wasn't aware I would get one). The message appeared to come from a customer service rep and I almost thought it was spam as the name was unfamiliar to me. While this tactic tries to create a nice personal touch, remember that straying from your brand name can confuse customers. DSW also attached their coupon via PDF, which can get messages caught in filters. Keep your reward details within the email body to better ensure deliverability and create a seamless experience for the customer. So, to summarize:
  • Send a product review request email via automated message rule "x" days after purchase.
  • Estimate how long it would take the product to be shipped and used before sending the message.
  • If possible, include images and link specifically to the items purchased for review.
  • Go simple if necessary.
  • Incentivize for best response.
  • Send a thank you message to show your appreciation and include any thank you prizes.
Beyond showcasing reviews on your site, be sure to leverage these valuable testimonials to create highly effective emails - i.e.  a message featuring your 5 best-selling products and customer reviews. Have you had review request success you'd like to share? Please let us know what you've seen work best.]]>