As part of this shift, we've transitioned our ‘All Contacts’ page to a ‘Search Contacts’ page with a few notable changes. First and foremost, we will no longer attempt to load all of your contacts at once when loading this page. The framing of everything will now be search-based, rather than a complete listing of everyone under the sun. All the search options are still here and we’ve added pre- sorting options as well, so you can get sorted results as soon as you run your search. Once your results are returned, you can manipulate the contacts grid however you like, just as before. Want to export your search results? No problem. We now offer an option to export either your full list of contacts or just the results from your search. On the export page simply select the ‘Search Results’ option to adjust your export settings.

Previously, you may have used this page to sort your entire contact list based on any of the available column criteria. While you can no longer do this here, you can still perform this task by exporting your contact list to Excel and managing it there (which will be faster anyway). You could also create a segment based on your desired sorting criteria. The good news is that you can piggyback additional criteria onto this segment, making the “new” contact list more insightful than it ever could be on the Contacts page. For example, let’s say you were sorting by Revenue before, or Open Rate. Now you can build a segment with those criteria, but specify performance thresholds (maximum, minimum, etc.) and also add additional criteria, such as GeoIP data, etc. Best of all, once you’ve created the segment it will update dynamically 24/7, so you’ll never have to re-run a search or constantly keep checking the list. You can even use segment membership to kick off one or more Workflows. At the end of the day, if you still need to see a sorted list, you can always go to a specific segment, view the contacts by clicking ‘View Contacts’, and sort from there. Perhaps the biggest benefit from this change? Speed. Glorious speed. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of contacts or even a million or more, the new Search Contacts page will load in seconds. Like this new page design? Let us know by posting a comment below! Matt Davis Product Manager Bronto Software]]>