Reorder campaigns are a great way to use triggered messages to boost revenue, and they’re very straightforward. A reorder message uses information from a customer’s previous order to remind them of the purchase and encourage them to buy the item again or purchase similar items. Let’s review some tips on how to build effective reorder/reminder/replenishment campaigns.

Evaluate Your Product Line

Does your brand sell any items that are consumable? If so, you can easily build campaigns around the typical purchasing cycle for a product or the customer’s average reorder timeframe. Your timing for these messages doesn’t need to be too complicated in order to run an effective replenishment campaign. When you sell products that your customers need to buy again and again, you add value with a reorder message by reminding them to purchase again at the right time. You’ve checked one thing off of their to-do list, making it easy and convenient to continue shopping with you.

Keep it Simple

It’s best to start with a friendly reminder. Check out this example from Belk. They reminded me to restock my K-cups before I run out and even included other related products. What a great way to get me to check out other items they carry! And they chose to be more general, showing a standard image instead of the specific K-cups I purchased. Not over the top, yet effective. BelkUsing another strategy, The Vitamin Shoppe reminded me of what I purchased one month ago and then listed the three easy ways to reorder. This is a great example of being mindful of the replenishment period and trying to stay ahead. They also added a “Buy One Get One” coupon in an effort to entice me even more. The Vitamin Shoppe While the reorder information in this message is valuable, the email could have also included some helpful tips. It had been a month since I purchased the product. What if I wasn’t using it properly or using it to its full potential? They could have said something like, “Did you know whey protein’s most useful quality is its fat-burning capacity? Consider mixing it into a shake before or after your workout.” Offering tips and best practices can help customers see you as an expert, or at least a brand who cares about them.

Be Strategic With Incentives

A common question with reorder messages is when to offer an incentive. Here’s my recommendation: Incentives can be very effective as you get closer to the time a supply will run out. But even then, you should always test. Testing will help you determine whether you need to use an incentive or if a simple reminder is enough. Let your audience be the judge.

Encourage Sharing

If you have customers who replenish their supply multiple times, it’s a good indicator they’re hooked. Encourage them to share the message with their friends or purchase a gift card for a friend or loved one. You can do this easily with a refer-a-friend banner or callout that you can include in the footer of the email. In this example from tinyprints, they show the specific item I purchased (in this case, a picture of the exact Christmas card I ordered) followed by other products that might grab my interest. They then included a “Refer a friend and get a gift” callout in the footer. tinyprints Are you using reorder reminders? If so, I’d love to hear how successful they are for you. If not, what are you waiting for? Set them up today!