In my last article, I shared how you can apply your own business rules in Recommendations Premium to build personalized product recommendations. In today’s post, I’ll show you how easy it is to put those recommendations into your email messages.

Design the Way You Already Do

When we were thinking about how to build Recommendations Premium, we were certain about one thing. We wanted it to be integrated with the Bronto Marketing Platform so it would be easy for the designer to add recommendations during message design. That meant everything had to be contained in Message Editor. So, that’s exactly what we did. We added a new Advanced Element in the Message Editor called Rec Loop. Just select the location in the message where you want the recommended products to appear for the email recipient, and follow three easy steps:

Step 1: Add a one-column container to the message.

Drag and drop this container, which will hold all of the content related to your recommendation. If you want to place content around the recommended products, such as a title bar, you can place it inside or above this container.

Step 2: Add a Rec Loop and configure it.

Drag and drop your Rec Loop into the container. When configuring this loop, select from a list of all published, active recommendations, set the number of products to display and identify how many products to display per row. This allows you to customize the layout in any way you want, from a single row of four products, to three rows of three products each, to a single best product, and so on. What’s best, you can change all of these settings at any time to create a whole new look and feel for your recommendation in that specific message, without ever needing to copy and paste a single line of code.

Step 3: Add content elements and configure them.

Drag and drop various content elements, such as images, text boxes and buttons, inside the Rec Loop, then configure those elements. With the loop in place, all that’s left to do is design what a single product will look like. This design will repeat for each of the products in your results, as defined by the Rec Loop configuration. Use a mix of images and text boxes to display product info pulled from your product, such as your product image, title and price. Drop in a CTA (call to action) button, hyperlink your elements to the product’s page URL and add any other element formatting you want, and you’re done. As with loop configurations, change up the way you design your products at any time to give the message a refresh.

Content Tags Make Life Even Easier

As if building out a recommendation in Message Editor weren’t easy enough, we’ve made it even easier. You can use Bronto’s Content Tags to build out templates for different layouts and designs of the Rec Loops you’ll want to use time and time again. When you design future messages, simply add the content tag that’s right for your message and set the recommendation to use. Easy as that!

We’ve Got HTML Covered, Too

Finally, while our Message Editor makes life super-easy, we didn’t forget about those who design messages directly in HTML. For those commerce marketers, we provide code samples in our expansive Help center, right inside our platform, to show you exactly how to code a Rec Loop to use all the same capabilities you have with Message Editor. Keep an eye out here for more product blog articles on Recommendations Premium. For more information about the app, contact your Account Manager.