It’s been proven that targeted messages, such as welcome and birthday messages perform well and often have a higher revenue per email or conversion rate then average email campaigns. But what about a less tangible metric?

Can a targeted message make your company more valuable to a customer?

Yes, yes they can. Case in point a refill/reorder reminders are great messages that can be triggered off of a last purchase date. In this way it’s very similar to many other post purchase messages you may already have.

What makes this message special? IT’S HELPFUL! 

Have you ever forgotten to pick something up from the store? Yes of course you have. We all do it. What if while you were in the store a polite clerk came up and said “I believe you are out of tooth paste, did you want to pick some up today? It’s in isle 2”. If this fictional clerk did exist I’d give them a hug.

You can provide a similar feeling to your customers if you have the following:

  • A product that naturally needs to be replaced over time. Ex. shoes, vitamins, stationary, beauty products, etc.
  • A product that has components that need to be replaced/replenished over time. Ex. violin strings, plant food, office goods, etc.
  • Last order date
  • Knowledge of how long it takes to use a product. Ex. If I use X amount of shampoo every day then in Y days I'll probably need new shampoo

You have all of this? Great! Let’s put together a refill/reorder reminder.

This date based triggered automated message is based on the last purchase date you want to trigger a message to people who bought a specific product. You can populate this message with the product that was specifically purchased or you can make it more general. The more specific the easier it is for someone to click through to conversion. However, a general reminder is better than no reminder at all.

Look at this message from It shows the specific product and has a quick and easy call to action to get people to buy right away. It also calls out other products just in case the contact isn't interested in reordering right now.

Take a look at this message from It may not be specific but it does offer up some great idea’s on what could be reordered. It also includes a discount which could move people faster. 

After you've realized that there is potential in your program to implement reminder messages, check out another type of helpful reminder, gift reminders in this post: A Reminder to Optimize Your Reminder Service which discusses how to build out a program for subscribers to sign up for reminders. 


  • Remember this message is meant to be helpful, keep that in mind when writing the copy.
  • Also Include cross-sells or top products to help inspire a purchase.
  • Discount or no discount? Test both, don’t give away the discount unless you need to. The value that you are reminding someone of something they actually want to reorder can sometimes be enough. In other cases a discount/incentive is necessary. 
  • Like all of your messages this a great time to make your brand stand out from your competitors! What kind of language/imagery can you put in this message to help reinforce your brand? 

Have you found success with reorder reminders? As a consumer what would you like to see in a reorder reminder?

Kestrel Lemen
Marketing Strategist at Bronto