Back in October 2014, we introduced Workflow Send Aggregation, which significantly improved reporting and the ability to access metrics within your account. Well, we’ve done it again with API Single Send Aggregation! The Bronto API is a powerful resource that allows you to programmatically interact with the Bronto Marketing Platform, and it is commonly used to send individual messages to individual contacts. With every message sent to every contact, the Bronto Marketing Platform creates a new delivery. For Bronto, this means millions upon millions of deliveries are created and tracked, and each of these deliveries is also added to the delivery grids. For example, if you send transactional emails through the API, such as an order confirmation, your deliveries grid will include every order confirmation message that was sent to a user. Each of these deliveries also has corresponding stats (open rates, click rates, etc) associated with it, which results in a grid that looks like this: Transactional Emails API While it may be helpful to know how each individual send performed, the more significant data is the overall performance over a specified period of time. To help with this, we have implemented API Single Send Aggregation. API Single Send Aggregation automatically creates a single daily delivery for each message sent via API. Looking at the example above, we see that two different messages were sent via API on April 17. With API Single Send Aggregation, the grid now looks like this: API Single Send Aggregation API Single Send Aggregation improves your ability to digest the data. It also helps with other functionality, such as Delivery Groups, as you now have significantly fewer deliveries to add to the group when trying to perform aggregate reporting on workflow sends. This change will be enabled on all sites on May 4 and will only apply to deliveries that are sent after your site has been enabled. All previously sent deliveries will remain listed as individual delivery rows.