With the holiday season right around the corner, your site’s traffic is likely about to pick up and product reviews will an invaluable tool in helping customers make their purchase decisions. You can also effectively use product review information in your email marketing campaigns to drive engagement and conversions. If you’re not already sending out review request emails, now is the time to start. If you are already sending them out, this is the time to make sure they’re optimized for the best response.


Photos/links to the specific products purchased

This isn’t possible for every retailer, but for those that have the capability to display the products purchased it’s best to go ahead and do that, linking the customer directly to the product they purchased. For retailers that do not have the capability to display and link to the product all is not lost. Even generic review messages can perform very well and bring in not only those reviews you’re asking for, but additional revenue as well.

If you can’t include photos/links to the specific products purchased go ahead and create a generic email asking for someone to review their recent purchase.

A Bronto client saw the following results when they implemented a generic product review message (in comparison to their other promotional marketing deliveries):

  • Open rate: +138%
  • Click rate: +45%
  • Conversion: +15%
  • RPE: +520%

Incentivize them to leave a review

We’ve all heard that old saying “you can’t get anything for free” and you should think of your review messages in the same way. What’s in it for the customer? Why should they take their time to give feedback when it’s not going to benefit them in any way- why should they help you sell your products? Give them an incentive to encourage them to do this. Incentives vary widely, but some more popular ones used in review messages are percentages off, dollars off, free shipping, entry into a contest, etc. Check out the contest that IBEX offers in their product review request email.  


The timing of the email is crucial. I’m a big advocate of testing to find out what works for your customer base and product offering specifically. Generally you’re going to want to time the message such that the product would have shipped out and the customer would have received it and had enough time to use it. This may be a few days or a few weeks. Test timing until you find that sweet spot that gives you the best results.

Other considerations for review emails:

  • Send a thank you message to show your appreciation for the customer review and consider including a coupon good toward their next purchase.
  • Remail the review request message, if it is ignored the first time remind them that there’s still time to leave a review on X product and claim their X coupon in return.
  • Leverage reviews in future emails such as in a best selling products email. Here are some examples of some emails that use reviews in their email messaging:

With Bronto you can automate your review messages to send out at the most appropriate time. With the holidays right around the corner I encourage you to begin leveraging your purchasers to help drive more sales by getting those review messages optimized and sent out.

Fawn Young
Marketing Strategist at Bronto