The holidays are fast approaching, and many of you already have your list of marketing items you need to optimize this summer in time for the holiday season. Cart recovery should definitely be on your list. Here are three steps to take in the coming weeks and months to ensure cart recovery success over the holidays:

1. Get the Cart Recovery app.

It’s been a little over nine months since we first introduced our app, Cart Recovery, and it’s been a phenomenal success with Bronto customers. Here are a few fun facts:
  • On average, Bronto’s Cart Recovery app reaches 39% of abandoned carts – well above the industry average – and recovers 15% of them.
  • Customers who have used the Cart Recovery app since its launch have seen an average ROI of over 50X!
  • In just over 3 months, Cart Recovery helped World Kitchen recover nearly 2,000 abandoned carts. The total revenue in those carts was over 35X the cost of their annual subscription for the Cart Recovery app. 
Getting started with the app is easy. Simply insert a few lines of JavaScript to enable the Bronto Listener to track cart activity on your website, and Bronto will handle the configuration for you. The beautiful thing about the app is that it’s fully integrated with the features and functions you already know and love in Bronto. So it has all the power of our commerce automation platform behind it. In addition to capturing cart data, you can build customer segments based on cart/site activity, automate reminder workflows, and use dynamic content to send highly personalized cart recovery messages. It’s a very natural extension of everything else you’re already doing with Bronto. If you don’t have the Cart Recovery app yet, talk to your Account Manager.

2. Get smart about Cart Recovery.

We recently published our own research study to help you be more thoughtful and strategic about cart recovery. Earlier this year, we surveyed over a thousand online shoppers in the United States who purchased within the past 12 months. We asked them about their online shopping habits, mobile device preferences and interactions with online shopping carts, as well as cart abandonment and post-abandonment reminder messages. The result is the 3-part series, “Consumers Tell All.” Part 3 focused on shopping cart use and expectations. Here are a few more fun facts:
  • 73% of online shoppers use the shopping cart to store items to buy later.
  • 74% of abandoners expect a reminder email within 24 hours.
  • 42% of online shoppers find reminder emails helpful.
To gain more insight into consumer perception of cart reminders, check out all of our research on cart recovery in the Resource Center.

3. Invest in a Cart Recovery Sprint.

To help you rapidly create and execute a highly effective cart recovery program, we also offer the Cart Recovery Professional Services Sprint. Our sprints blend strategy and execution to quickly implement high-value campaigns on a project basis. The Cart Recovery Sprint includes:
  • Strategic Guidance – Best practice advice from our strategists on building high-impact cart recovery messages, including timing, frequency, offers and incentives, personalization, and more.
  • Message Creation – Creation of up to three visually appealing and personalized cart recovery messages that include the necessary tag information to enable you to populate the messages with cart details.
  • Workflow Automation – Configuration and testing of automated cart recovery workflows to trigger the right messages and offers for the right users at the right time.
If you’re short on time and resources, this is definitely worth the investment and will pay for itself very quickly. That’s it for now. I look forward to hearing about your cart recovery successes this holiday season! Already have the Cart Recovery app? Any successes you’d like to share? Post a comment below!