At Bronto, we’ve seen an increase in the interaction with our API and recognized that our API documentation needed an overhaul. To meet the diverse needs of our growing audience, we modernized the site design of to improve usability, streamline navigation and upgrade content. With the redesign, we categorized content into four distinct sections - Getting Started, API, Tutorials and Prebuilt Integrations - to make it easy for every type of API user to quickly find the right information.

Getting Started

Just as it sounds, the Getting Started section is an orientation to working with Bronto’s API. It explains how Bronto uses SOAP and REST and points you toward which standard to use, depending on the action you wish to perform. This section also includes setup and authentication information, as well as guidance for those who are unfamiliar with using an API.


This section contains all of the API content from the previous version of the site, including SOAP functions and objects, REST requests, and a link to the PHP and Java SDKs provided by Professional Support. Most SOAP and REST topics include a code sample that can be used as a model to build your own requests.


This informative section is a collection of code-based tutorials designed to guide you through the process of completing an API task. Each tutorial provides real, usable code samples within the context of guided steps. Tutorials teach you how to combine API calls and platform tasks to complete some of the more complicated processes that can be performed using Bronto’s API, such as sending an email or abandoning a shopping cart.

Send Email (PHP) ExamplePrebuilt Integrations

Finally, the Prebuilt Integrations section offers a starting point for learning more about the Magento, Demandware and NetSuite integrations that Bronto offers.

New Navigation

In addition to exciting content additions and improvements, the redesigned site provides both top and side navigation menus so you can quickly find what you need. The top navigation allows you to scan the high-level content in every section and jump from section to section on the site. Top NavigationThe side navigation menu displays all of the content within a section, so you can easily move between topics.

Side NavigationBetter Search Functionality

When you perform a search on the new site, the results include color-coded topic titles that correspond with content categories, which are also shown to the left. You can see the number of results for each category and click the category name to narrow your search results. To return to the full list of results, simply click All. Search Results exampleWe hope the modernized redesign of helps you quickly find what you need so you can truly master Bronto’s API.