Whether you’re tailoring your message to a specific audience or identifying the set of your contact base that’s ready to buy, segmentation is one of the easiest and most powerful tools Bronto offers. It can help you find a subset of customers for a follow-up campaign or explore your customer base based on their behavior or characteristics. And because it’s so useful in so many situations, there will probably be certain segments that you only need for a limited amount of time. Segment archiving is a new capability that makes it easier to find the segments you care about without losing access to the segments you’re not currently using.

So Many Segments, So Little Time

As you continue to market with Bronto over time, your library of segments will grow exponentially. Deleting a segment can feel awful since you can’t recover it, and you don’t necessarily want to lose the reports for the deliveries sent to that segment. You may also like the set of criteria defined and want to reuse it for another segment. At the same time, the view of your segments grid when scheduling a delivery or workflow can become increasingly cluttered, creating some serious frustration when trying to find the segments that are important to you. Many customers have asked for a better way to organize and manage the view of their segments. That’s where segment archiving comes in.

What Is Segment Archiving?

You have now the ability to archive a segment instead of deleting it. When you archive a segment, it will be hidden from view in the platform and no longer processed in near real time. The Archive button can be found next to the Delete button in the Segments home page in the Bronto Marketing Platform. Unlike deleted segments, archived segments can later be restored or copied (without unarchiving) to create a new segment. The bonus: Even on archived segments, you can still calculate the number of contacts who are currently on the segment. This really comes in handy when you just want to get a quick number without needing to know who exactly is on the segment.

Sounds Great! How Do I Get Access?

By default, this feature is available to any Bronto user with admin privileges. If you don’t see this feature, talk to your Bronto administrator and ask to have these privileges assigned to your account. For more information on this feature, consult this Knowledge Base article. Spring is coming – it’s a great time to clean up your segments!