For retailers and other commerce-focused companies, sending timely and engaging transactional messages is an opportunity to create loyalty with buyers and to drive incremental revenue through cross- and up-sell offers.

Bronto gives you the ability to send transactional messages via the Bronto API, but if you’re on the Magento platform, we’re going a step further and developing an integration. This will let you create and automatically trigger personal, branded messages through Bronto based on transactions that occur in Magento.  

Here are a few key benefits to sending your transactional messages through Bronto:

  • Deliverability—Bronto’s focus on top-notch deliverability (streamlined bounce management, strong relationships with the ISPs, etc.) means your transactional messages reach the inbox—and in the timely fashion that customers expect.
  • Detailed Tracking—Sending transactional messages from Bronto gives you detailed tracking and analytics. And having this data in Bronto, alongside metrics for other messages, campaigns and activities, gives you a complete view of customer engagement.
  • Optimization—Bronto’s rich message creation tools and templates enable you to quickly customize your transactional messages. This gives you the flexibility to add cross-/up-sell offers to drive incremental revenue.
  • Expertise—Bronto has lots of experience designing and sending transactional emails. Whether you’re on the Magento platform or not, our Professional Services team can help you maximize the value of your transactional messages.

Here are a few key features we're working on for this integration:

  • More than 50 message types supported—You'll be able to send a wide variety of transactional messages through the Bronto API, including new order/shipment confirmations, product alerts, reward points notifications, store credit updates, and much more.
  • More than 25 fields available for messages—You'll be able to include a wide range of Magento fields in your Bronto transactional messages, including product name and ID, product SKU and quantity, cart URL and much more.
  • Flexible, easy-to-use message creation—You'll be able to use Bronto’s rich tools for creating messages, including WYSIWYG, HTML and text editors, and a full-featured template editor with built-in scripting for dynamic content.
  • Rich reports—You'll be able to take advantage of Bronto’s reporting, including detailed message reports that let you drill into the metrics behind your emails, including opens, click-throughs, bounces, complaints and conversions.

The integration will be very easy to use. You'll simply create your transactional message in Bronto and then map it to the appropriate template in Magento.

Keep in mind that Bronto also has RFM Data and Shopping Cart Abandonment integrations for Magento. 

Damian Trzebunia (Che-boon-ya)
Product Marketing Manager