We’re always happy to add more awards to our trophy case but what pleases us more than anything else is our clients’ success, especially when that success comes in the form of one of the most coveted awards in the retail fashion industry. That’s why we’d like to take a moment and congratulate Silver Jeans for winning an Apparel Magazine 2017 Top Innovator Award (registration required). Silver Jeans’ clothes are sold across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Over the past two decades, the retailer has become the go-to brand for customers that demand the perfect fit from their jeans. The denim giant won the award for demonstrating innovation along the apparel supply chain.

Tailored to Succeed

Under the leadership of Mike Girardin, director of ecommerce, Silver Jeans has successfully used email to engage and connect with customers by using a variety of innovative and forward-thinking strategies, including automated abandoned cart messages, a welcome series and personalized coupons. But success didn’t happen overnight. When Girardin joined the Silver Jeans team in the spring of 2015, email-generated revenue accounted for just 0.5% of online revenue. One year later, he helped grow that figure up to 17%, and by August 2015, email contributed to 22% of online revenue. Today, Silver Jeans enjoys a 19.4% conversion rate from abandoned cart messages and a 22.5% conversion rate from welcome series emails – resulting in a revenue ratio of $5.40 per email. Those are some impressive numbers and, as Girardin explains, we’re thrilled to have played a part in helping him and his team at Silver Jeans achieve such amazing success. “Bronto is the best platform I’ve used so far. It’s great to find so many features in one spot that work so well, without any clunkiness. I don’t have to talk to a salesperson every month because I need something else.” Girardin says he and his team have additional abandoned cart message series and post-purchase campaigns planned with deeper segmentation to improve personalization.

More Like Coupon Aggravation Sites

Another area Silver Jeans demonstrated innovation in was by battling the frustration and lost revenue incurred from coupon aggregation sites. Tired of exclusive coupon codes ending up on these sites, Girardin employed the help of our Coupon Manager app. With the Bronto app, users receive unique codes generated by Coupon Manager, which makes it easier to distribute gift card codes as bonuses for high-volume shoppers during special promotions. This became even easier through Silver Jeans’ use of the Magento Extension, which automatically added the unique coupon codes from emails into a shopper’s cart. The integration significantly improved the customer experience by requiring little to no action from the customer, helping to improve brand loyalty. Apparel Magazine has devoted its May 2017 issue to recognizing Silver Jeans and the other innovative brands, apparel retailers and manufacturers that received the award. Congratulations once again to Girardin and the entire team at Silver Jeans. We can’t wait to see what they do next!