Over the past several months, we've added a few SMS messaging enhancements to the Bronto Marketing Platform. Here's a recap:

Click Data

Click Data is now displayed for SMS Deliveries in the All Deliveries Grid and when viewing the Deliveries Grid on the SMS Message Page.

SMS Message Editor

The SMS Message Editor has been updated to support the ability to insert contact fields, system fields (such as links to webforms), as well as re-editable Dynamic Content.

Being able to insert links to webforms means that you can now gather additional information from your SMS users by directing them to a manage preference form. We would suggest creating a unique manage preference form built with mobile display in mind.

SMS Activity Filtering 

The SMS Activity Workflow node has been enhanced to allow filtering based on contacts who clicked or did not click a link in the SMS message.

If the goal of the SMS message is to have the contact click a link, you can now identify who did or did not click the link and act accordingly.

If the intent of your message is to have them click the Managed Preference link, you can easily send a retext to those contacts who do not click within a specified time period.

Stay tuned for more SMS enhancements in the coming months... like SMS reporting.

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Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya)
Product Marketing Manager