We’re excited to share Social Bridge, our latest addition to the Bronto Marketing Platform. Social Bridge lets marketers use Bronto lists and segments to create Facebook Tabs and Audiences.

Co-developed with Annex Cloud and included in your Bronto Marketing Platform subscription at no additional cost, Social Bridge let merchants deliver better brand experiences by tapping into social channels to drive more engagement and increase revenue.

Facebook Audiences

Similar to email marketing best practices, segmenting your subscribers is key to creating personalized social advertisements. With Social Bridge’s Facebook Audience feature, you can automatically sync Bronto segments and lists to power custom audience or lookalike audience Facebook ads.

If your automated workflows add contacts to a segment or list, you can use the corresponding Facebook Custom Audience to display abandoned cart, post-purchase or reengagement content to your subscribers in both channels. Looking to drive new website traffic and acquire new subscribers? You can use Facebook Lookalike Audiences to find new users with similar demographics and interests to your existing segments and lists.

Facebook Tabs

You can also organically grow your email and mobile subscriber database by adding a custom tab to your Facebook business page to supplement your social marketing efforts. These tabs can be added to your Facebook business page alongside the default tabs (‘About’ and ‘Likes’).

When a new subscriber signs up, their contact information will be automatically sent from Facebook to Bronto. You can style your Facebook tab to match your current Bronto newsletter webform signup or create a unique Facebook-only signup form.

Get Started with Social Bridge

Access Social Bridge from the Bronto Apps Dashboard. Just sign up for Social Bridge, add your business’ Facebook account, and follow the simple instructions to get up and running.

To learn more, visit the Bronto Knowledge Base.