Pumpkin spices and chill weather may fill the fall air, but the changing of seasons also brings new capabilities to the Bronto platform that will help you prioritize your workflows and facilitate your double opt-ins — saving time and leading to better-tailored campaigns with more effective reach.

Prioritize your workflows

Wish you could exclude contacts on a cart recovery workflow if they’re currently on a welcome series workflow? Want to send a different incentive if a contact has already gone through the cart recovery workflow in the last two months — or not send any message at all? The Workflow Activity Filter node brings both desires to life. This filter node allows you to move contacts to different paths, depending on the interactions they’ve had with other workflows. Using it is simple. Select the workflow in question and specify whether the contact is currently on it, has never gone through it or has finished the progression once or multiple times within a specific timeframe. This tool offers a lot of flexibility for prioritizing your automation rules.

Manage your contact base better

If you’ve used the Contact is Added trigger node in our welcome series, then you’ll love the new Contact Status Change trigger node. This new node provides more granularity in selecting a specific status change by searching for any status change or contact creation with a specific status.     This allows you to send welcomes messages to newly onboarded contacts, and it’s also a great way to automate your double opt-in series.

Automate your double opt-in process or consent refresh

Bronto already offers great ways to handle double opt-ins, like Contact Import with the UI and our DirectAdd tools. Now, we’re providing a way to automate the double opt-in process using workflows. Select unconfirmed in the Contact Status Change trigger node. This applies to any contacts whose status has changed or was set to unconfirmed. You can then select the subscription confirmation message you want to send. You’re no longer limited between choosing a marketing or transactional message because there’s a new message type: The subscription confirmation message. This message must have the confirm_url tag in the text and HTML versions.As best practice, we recommend listing what the contact has subscribed to in the subscription confirmation email and including links to your privacy policy or terms and agreements. Et voilà! You’ve automated your double opt-in flow. And if you’re following the ICO recommendations on refreshing consent, we’re enabling you to change the status of a contact to unconfirmed in the Change Contact Status action node when the contact matches your criteria.

Keep your flows simple with a move to workflow nodes

When setting up workflows and variations of workflows, you may find yourself manually recreating the same set of actions over and over, within the same site and across multiple workflows. This is a tedious task, prone to human errors. To mitigate this, we’re introducing new nodes: An action node, Multiple workflows may then feed into the same workflow, which is useful if they all have the same set of automated actions. The beauty of these nodes is that you don’t have to edit multiple workflows if you want to change individual actions — you just have to edit the workflows they feed into. Now you have more time to kick back and enjoy the revenues brought by workflows.

Get more done in less time

These new capabilities will streamline your workflows, letting you accomplish more as you head into the busy holiday season. You’ll appreciate the committed subscribers that come with smooth double opt-ins — and your subscribers are sure to enjoy the better-tailored campaigns. Be sure to check out the Bronto Knowledge Base to learn more.