Well, the inevitable has finally happened. You've started sending your message in Bronto, when all of the sudden, you see an error in your message that has to be corrected. Perhaps the error is a simple spelling mistake, or maybe it's more serious and a date is incorrect. What do you do now?!?

Alright, first don't panic. We can still salvage this delivery and get you back on track. Some of your contacts may have already received the email, but we will focus on them later on in the post. Right now, the first priority is to stop that delivery from going to anyone else.

Stopping A Delivery

To stop a delivery:

1. Return to the Messages Dashboard by clicking the Messages tab. On the left side of the dashboard, click the Outgoing link to take you to your current outgoing messages. 2. Once you are on the Outgoing Messages page, check the message you wish to stop and press the Stop Delivery button. Click OK to confirm the stop. The delivery will cease and no further messages will be sent to your lists. 3. You can now go back into your message and make the necessary corrections. Once the changes are made, you are probably going to want to send a message to the remainder of the list that didn't receive the correct version of the email. Here's how to do it.

Re-Mailing The Corrected Message

First we need to determine which contacts have already received the message and only resend to the remaining contacts on your list. We can do this using a segment.

To access the segment builder:

1. Click the Contacts tab, and then the Segments link.

2. Once in the Segment area, click the Create Segment button.

3. Choose a name for your segment that you will recognize when you go to send your message again. In this example, I have named my segment, "May 2009 Newsletter Resend."

Now you will want to create the rules that will pull the correct contacts from your original send list.

1. In the first rule you will want to select the list that you sent the message to. Select "On List" from the first drop down menu and select the list name from the second drop down menu.

2. Now click the Create New Rule button located below the first rule.

3. In the second rule, chose "Wasn't Sent" from the first drop down menu and select the message name from the second drop down menu. This separates the contacts that weren't sent the message from those who have already received it.

4. In plain English, the entire segment logic should now read, "Select the contacts who are on the list Main Newsletter List and weren't sent the May 2009 Newsletter".

5. Click the Save Segment button to save the changes.

Now that the segment has been created, you can choose it when you send the newly revised version of your original message. The contacts that have not yet received a copy of the message will get the correct version.

Reaching Out To Contacts Who Received The Incorrect Email

One decision you will need to make is how to handle the contacts that did receive the incorrect email. If the email contained incorrect information, you may want to send an apology email with the correct information. If it was a spelling error, you may not feel the need to resend the message, as many people may not even notice it. If you are thinking of sending an apology email, I would recommend reading Mistakes Happen. Are You Prepared? on the best practices of sending an apology email.

You can use Bronto to build a segment just like you did for the contacts who didn't receive the original email. This time, instead of selecting those who weren't sent the message, select "Was Sent" to grab those contacts. Use this segment as the recipient of your follow up message.

Even though a mistake was made and incorrect emails were sent out, you do have options in Bronto to help put out the fire. However, as the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", so keep sending out those test messages and double check them before sending the final message.

Rob Slade
Client Support Specialist at Bronto