As an email marketer, one of the worst scenarios is someone sending out a delivery without you signing off on it. It is with this in mind that Bronto has introduced the Message Approval feature in Bronto Labs.

What does the feature do?

After a message has been created, it will not be available to send until a user with approval permissions opens the message and clicks on the approval button. Once the message has been approved, it can be sent. If the message is edited, it must be approved again before it is allowed to be sent.

Setting This Up

You must first go to the Bronto Labs area of your account and enable Message Approval. You can get to this area of your account by clicking the beaker shaped icon in the top right corner of the home dashboard, or by going to Home->Settings->Bronto Labs. Once you enable this labs feature, make sure to click save at the bottom of the page.

Now that you have the Labs feature saved, you will need to activate Message Approval in your account.

You can find this check box by going to Home->Settings->General. Don't forget to click the save button at the bottom of the page. Once the feature is active in your account, you will still need to establish who approves the messages.

Who Can Approve?

Who can approve a message is entirely up to the admin of your account. Multiple users may be given this permission, or you can have just one "All Approving" user. Here's how the admin can grant this permission.

1. Go to Home->Users.
2. Click a user's name.
3. Click Edit Permissions.
4. Click Messages.
5. In the Message Composition and Delivery section, click the Approve messages for sending checkbox.
6. Click Save All Changes.

Using This Feature

Once the message you are working on is finished to your satisfaction, you will need to contact the approver for your account. They will be able to see a button where the Send button normally appears that reads "Approve for sending."

Once they click this button, you will be able to schedule a delivery of your message. The application will then add the buttons back to create a delivery. There will also be a button available to withdrawal approval of the message.

Get Started

The Message Approval feature can be a great aid for Bronto clients who have multiple hands inside of an account. It will help to keep track of the quality of messages going out. It's also important to remember that any messages that were created before you enable this feature will be in "Approved" status. If you would like to remove them from this status, just go into each message and click the "Remove Sending Approval" button. As usual, if you run into any difficulty using this feature, please do not hesitate to contact Bronto Client Services for assistance.

Frank Chapman
Bronto Client Services