We have added in a small feature you may not know about in Bronto called Success Tags.

Success tags are used in the Webform that's displayed to contacts when they successfully submit a different Webform. This tag displays the text added in the Success Message text box on the Form Settings page for the Webform that's submitted.

Let's take a few moments and go over how to set up and use Success Tags.

The correct format for the Success tag in Bronto is %%!success%%. Easy enough, right? Now, let's say you are creating a Manage Preferences Webform (located under Content->Webforms.

1. Click Form Settings.

2. In the Message To User section, you will see a text box called Success Message . In this text box, you can add a message that will be displayed via the %%!success%% special tag. This special tag can be added to the page that is displayed after the contact submits the Webform. You will choose which page is displayed after the Webform is submitted in the Webforms Settings section.

3. From the previous step, we chose to send contacts to the "Default Thank You" Webform after the Manage Preferences Webform was submitted. On the Default Thank You Webform, we can add the %%!success%% special tag to display the text we added in the Success Message text box from the previous step.

4. After a contact submits the Manage Preferences Webform, they are taken to the "Default Thank You" Webform, which displays the text referenced via the %%!success%% special tag.

 That's all there is to it. Adding Success Tags is a quick and easy way to customize your Webforms and add in the content your contacts need to see when they submit your Webforms. 

Rob Slade
Client Services Specialist