In the winter 2009 release, Bronto introduced suppression lists as a way to continue reinforcing our commitment to opt-in only email marketing. Suppression lists help to insure that contacts who are not interested in your messages will not receive email from your account.

Is My Suppression List The Same As My Inactive List?

People often ask what the difference is between the suppression list in their account and the inactive list.  The first thing to remember is that only you as a marketer can place email addresss on your suppression list.  There is no way for your contacts or people who are not your contacts to add themselves to this list.

In contrast to this, there are many ways a contact can wind up on the inactive list:

  • They could unsubscribe using a Bronto unsubscribe link.
  • The contact may have bounced and was placed in the inactive list per your bounce settings.
  • If they click the "This Is Spam" link in certain ISPs (such as Yahoo! or Hotmail).
  • You could choose to upload a group of contacts directly into the inactive list.
  • A group of contacts could be on the inactive list and have a status of unconfirmed (i.e. they were sent an opt-in invitation but have not yet agreed to receive your messages).

Inactive Contacts Are Eligible For A Second Chance

The most important concept to grasp concerning the inactive list is that a person can re-activate themself and begin receiving messages from you again. All the person has to do is add their email address to one of your web forms and submit it.

The Suppression List Is For Keeps

If a person who is on the suppression list attempts to sign-up to receive message from you via an Add Contacts Webform, they will not be added as a contact in your account and they will not be able to receive messages from you as long as they appear on the suppression list.  The only way an email address can be removed from the suppression list is manually by the Bronto account holder (you!).

When an email address is added to the suppression list, you will not be able to send to, import, or add the email address to your account.  If the email address belongs to one of your contacts, that contact will be deleted from your account and you will not be able send to, import, or add them to your account.

The Fine Print On Suppression Lists

There are a couple of points to remember concerning suppression lists:

  • Unlike the inactive list, you cannot import directly into the suppression list.
  • When you add a contact to your suppression list, it will take 24 hours for them to be removed from all of your lists.
  • You should be mindful of this if you update your list and send to that audience.

So, if someone indicates to you that they would rather not receive your messages, do them a favor and make it a quick and effective break up.  Add them to your suppression list and agree to see other people.

Frank Chapman
Support Associate at Bronto