St. Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate being Irish, and isn’t everyone a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day? We can all still enjoy cooking, drinking and sharing good times that day with family and friends — and, for retail marketers, maybe sharing holiday-themed promotions and subject lines with your customers.
After baking some Irish soda bread and preparing for an evening with family, I check my inbox to see who is making the most of the holiday. Just because St. Patrick’s Day isn’t much of a gift-giving holiday doesn’t mean you can’t piggyback on that holiday spirit or encourage people to treat themselves. There are plenty of shamrocks in subject lines, and those little green ? emojis make it easy to spot the retailers offering the deals I want to see.
All holidays offer a slew of creative opportunities to reach out and communicate with customers. You can even just take your Valentine's Day content and substitute the red and hearts for green and shamrocks — don’t be afraid to try something new and join in the fun! Here are a few other ideas to try:
  • Use a St. Patrick’s Day-themed logo in your template.
  • Send ideas on how to throw the best St. Patrick’s Day party.
  • Show your subscribers how to incorporate your products into their celebration.
  • Create St. Patrick’s Day-themed content for your website and social media that you can cross-promote in your email campaign.
  • Make a Pinterest board dedicated to Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • Create a secret promo code, which can be used by the first ____ subscribers who respond.
  • Share links to St. Patrick’s Day recipes and traditions.
  • Create green products. Whatever you choose to do, just do it green. ?
With any luck, you’ll be turning those prospects into customers in no time.

St. Patrick's Day Promotions and Subject Lines Awards

It's the quick, creative and hard-hitting offers that grab my attention. Below are a few favorites. I hope you’ll be inspired or even bookmark a few examples for when you’ve got a little time to get ahead of the game. Happy scrolling!

Most Innovative Misspelling: Chadwicks

Subject Line: FREE shipping for St. Paddy's Day! Preheader: St. Paddy’s Day Special: Save some GREEN with FREE shipping on your order of $85 or more! First off, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was deliberate to spell the holiday with two Ds to catch your attention — bold move to replace the shamrock with alternative spelling. Second, I appreciate how they focused on green elements but still managed to market the blazer well.

Most Unique Discount: The Company Store

Subject Line: Luck is on your side! ☘️ Preheader: Top o' the morning to ya! We're lucky to have customers like you! I like the combination of free shipping and a discount, even if it took me longer than I'd care to admit to figure out why they settled on 17%. The green bedspread background fits the holiday's theme, and I appreciate them working in an actual product into the design.

Best in Show: iCanvas

Subject Line: ? Happy St. Patrick's Day! ? 60% off email special Preheader: Charming collection of green Irish art. New scenic photography of Ireland and the UK by Adam Burton iCanvas’s 60% discount was the strongest offer I saw, and it was wrapped in a lovely design that was completely on theme. They highlighted a variety of Irish artists, which made their brand very relevant to the holiday.

iCanvas exampleMost Creative: Nourish Snacks

Subject Line: Survive the morning after St. Patrick’s Day Preheader: We've got 5 tips to beat a hangover Nourish Snacks offered subscribers a bit of useful information that’s relevant to the holiday that they can actually use. The subject line alone is creative, which will likely increase engagement and sharing.

Nourish Snacks exampleMade Me Drool: Godiva Chocolate, Food & Wine

Godiva Chocolate Subject Line: St. Patrick's Day SAVINGS! ? 3 Sweet Deals for Today ONLY Godiva Chocolate Preheader: FREE Mint Wrapped Truffles with Online Purchase. Details Below Godiva had me at FREE Truffle. Need they say more? If so, the additional free mint chocolate bar and 50% discount on in-store treats should do it. Food & Wine Subject Line: Terrific Recipes for St. Patrick's Day Food & Wine Preheader: Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Food & Wine understands that recipes engage audiences. Time and time again, I see this type of message spike click rates and garner the highest “likes” on Facebook. However, their preheader is an appetite killer. Food & Wine needs to ensure their preheaders are as delicious as their subject lines. Perhaps something along the lines of “Try our Guinness ice cream with chocolate-covered pretzels recipe today!”

Godiva, Food & Wine


Just Saying Hello: PinMart

Subject Line: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Preheader: Charming collection of green Irish art. New scenic photography of Ireland and the UK by Adam Burton This is a great example of a retailer not trying too hard to sell, and instead use the holiday just to share some goodwill with customers — all the same, they did a solid job of incorporating the theme.


Favorite Mystery Savings: Little Miss Matched

Subject Line: Up to 40% Off Just For You! Preheader: TODAY ONLY: UP TO 40% OFF! USE CODE LUCKY TO SEE YOUR SAVINGS Little Miss Matched knows everyone likes a game of chance on St. Patrick’s Day, and to increase the message’s effectiveness, I actually have to enter the savings coupon to find out how much I’ll save. This click takes me deeper down the shopping funnel. When I took this screenshot, the offer had already expired; however, if you read carefully, Little Miss Matched also reassures me that there are still additional savings waiting for me in their sale section – up to 70%. Score!

Little Miss Matched exampleFavorite Social Sweepstakes: Munchkin

Subject Line: Happy St. Patrick's Day | Enter to Win a Gift Basket! Preheader: Instagram Giveaway Munchkin leveraged a free gift giveaway and linked it with their Instagram page via a simple “Enter Now” button. The term ‘the luck of the Irish’ was all over social on St. Patrick’s Day, and Munchkin cashed in on that excitement and fun by giving away some of their “most treasured” products. Even if I couldn’t use them right away, all of the products were non-perishable, so I’d be all set for the next shower gift.

MunchkinIn the Spirit of St. Patrick: Klean Kanteen

Subject Line: Celebrate the green in all of us. Preheader: A poem for St. Patrick's Klean Kanteen included a unique holiday poem combined with heart-warming images of people using their products – an environmental, community-oriented message that highlights and supports their company mission.

Klean KanteenAlmost Missed It: JustFab

Subject Line: Our Top Bags Are In- Lucky You! ? Preheader: Your Favorite Bags To Carry. Shop Now Great holiday branding of their handbags as “Lucky Charms”; however, there were so many images of handbags that I almost missed the gorgeous “Lucky Shoes” at the bottom of the page. I would have tested this original version against a shortened one where the “Shop Lucky Bags” hero image would map to a landing page full of their best handbags followed by their "Lucky Shoes" right below the hero image.

JustFabBest in Green and Mobile: Novica

Subject Line: Your $10 Code for St. Patrick's Day Preheader Text: If you cannot see the images in this email, click here to view it in your browser Novica highlights green products and delivers a smooth transition between categories. They definitely  designed this email with mobile users in mind.

NovicaFavorite Deals: Juice Beauty, Aveda

Juice Beauty Subject Line: It's Your Lucky Day! ? Enjoy FREE Shipping + Gift! Juice Beauty Preheader: TODAY ONLY Free Shipping* + Free full-size Mousse Cleanser Juice Beauty touts 3 great offers; free shipping, free samples and free gifts with purchase. Who doesn’t like to try new products for FREE? Aveda Subject Line: It's your lucky day! Aveda Preheader: Choose 5 Samples w/$35 orders. No offer code required. I’d suggest Aveda extend this sale through the weekend since the actual holiday landed on a weekday. Most customers and clients are aware that the holidays are a time for sales and tend to be more on the lookout for those deals. Juice Beauty, Aveda