Over the last few months, Bronto has continued to enhance and innovate when it comes to our marketing automation Workflows. While we have one of the best automation platforms around, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to make it better. Let’s take a look at some of the latest enhancements that will make your workflow management even smoother and your life a little easier.

Increased Node Label Length

Node Labels now accommodate up to 65 characters, making it even easier to add more detailed descriptions to your nodes to simplify workflow navigation and design.

Message Previews

We get it. A picture really is worth 1000 words. So we’ve added message preview thumbnails to our "Send Email" nodes. If your workflow includes several messages, you can now quickly see which node sends which message, rather than guessing based on similar subject lines. Message Previews example

Integrated Filter for “Cart is Abandoned” Trigger

We know you don’t want to send a "Cart is Abandoned" message to your customer’s inbox if they’ve recently completed an order, so we’ve added a default filter to the “Cart is Abandoned” trigger node for cart abandonment workflows. By default, the workflow will not trigger if an order was received one day prior to the cart being abandoned, eliminating the need to manually add an additional filter node for this common use case. The filter is set to 1 day, but you can adjust it to suit your needs. Please note: this node is only available with the Cart Recovery app. Cart is Abandoned node

Relative Date Support in "Change Contact Field" Node

You can now automate the change of any contact date field when a specific trigger event occurs. We support three relative date values in this action node:
  • Today - defaults to the day the contact is processed by the node
  • Today Plus – allows you to add a relative wait period
  • Specific Date
The relative options are extremely helpful if you’ve set up date fields based on when a contact joins a specific list. With the new node options, you can update the join date on the fly as soon as a contact joins a specific list. You can also set future renewal or product refill dates in advance, using a specified amount of time based on a contact’s action. Relative Date SupportWe’re also excited to share two brand new nodes for those accounts that are using New Order Service.

Shipping Change Trigger Node

You can now trigger workflows to fire immediately when an order is shipped. This new node looks directly at the Shipping Date order field and triggers the respective workflow when the field is updated with a value. This is a great feature to use for shipment notifications or for product review requests when coupled with a delay node. Order is Shipped node

Cart/Order Field Comparison Node

This new addition allows you to filter your workflow based on any cart/order field listed below. Using standard modifiers (equal to, greater/less than, etc.), you can now send targeted messages and update lists based on these field values, which makes it super easy to send custom promotions to contacts who meet specific revenue or time-based order criteria. Cart/Order Field ComparisonThat’s all for now, but stay tuned! 2016 is poised to be another great year for Workflows in Bronto, with many more exciting features to come.