Content tags are one of the more commonly used features of the Bronto Marketing Platform. They allow you to create reusable pieces of content for an email, which makes message maintenance much easier. So I am pleased to announce the release of new drag and drop content tags! These new tags work alongside our current drag and drop editor and leverage the same functionality. They can be inserted as static content in the body of your message or dynamically, so that they render when the message is sent. Dynamic tags are written in code, as in %%@sample_content_tag%%. They render once the message is saved or sent and pull in the most recent version. This is ideal for content that remains consistent throughout your messaging, such as a return policy. By using a dynamic tag, if your policy changed, you would only need to update the content once. Then, the new version would automatically populate in all messages that include that tag. With static tags, you can insert the actual content into your message body. If you will need to make changes to it before sending, such as replacing placeholder images, you might insert your content statically and then make your changes within the message editor. Inserting tagsThis added flexibility allows for some great new functionality, including using content tags as message templates. To help do this, we’ve have added a new Content Tag Templates section, which allows Bronto’s Professional Services team to create templates for the drag and drop editor. Content Tags TemplatesPLEASE NOTE: Original Bronto-designed content tags live in this section, so you can always recover an unaltered version of any Bronto-designed tag here. For more information, check out the FAQ in What’s New, or feel free to leave your question below. Happy sending!