It’s that time of year again. You know ... the time of year when you make unrealistic resolutions about changes you can never stick to. But not this year! No more failed diets or unused gym memberships. Instead, let’s resolve to make some strong moves in 2017 toward innovation and revenue growth to make this the best year ever. We’ve had the good fortune to work with many of the world’s top retailers, partners and commerce marketing experts, so we asked them about the trends they expect for the new year and how to turn them into rockin’ revenue. Though there are many things taking shape that will influence 2017, personalization was the one theme that seemed to consistently ring through their reflections and predictions.

Let’s Get Personal

Personalization has been on everyone’s list of to-dos for some time now, but according to our community of experts, 2017 will see three supporting strategies implemented more widely and successfully: browse recovery, segmentation and seamless omnichannel. As cart recovery has become more mainstream, retailers have reaped the rewards. Now we see browse recovery on the cusp of a similar adoption trajectory. This automated messaging strategy reminds customers of items viewed on a product page and appropriately offers personalized incentives to close the sale. According to Greg Zakowicz, our senior commerce marketing analyst, browse recovery has been sought after by many commerce marketers. But now that it’s more affordable and simpler to manage, browse recovery messaging is poised to really break through in 2017, especially for retailers who are focused on providing a relevant user experience. Looking more deeply at personalization tools, segmentation is expected to play a larger role in enabling commerce marketers to build a more personalized customer experience, made possible by advanced computing power. Previously, marketers had only a few segments by which to personalize, but with the addition of analytics and big data into marketing platforms, deeper segmentation is now available. For example, you can identify gender and geography and combine that information with weather forecasts to more successfully target winter boot offers to men in states expected to get snow next week. What areas may still need more work to reap these rewards? Remove the silos between your store and online operations that hurt the customer experience. Experts hypothesize that the digital component of customer experience will be an integral part of marketing strategies this year, where previously it was built as an add-on to the omnichannel evolution. We’re already seeing customers shopping across digital devices in ways that aren’t necessarily linear or predictable, creating the need for a seamless experience across all touchpoints.

2017 Is Your Year

Of course, marketers are always seeking ways to efficiently increase revenue, but don’t be distracted by the latest fads. In 2017 Commerce Trends, Bronto experts, customers and partners agree that 2017 will be the year of honing your methods for personalization to better engage and serve customers. In the report, you’ll get a deeper look at their predictions of how retailers will employ innovations in areas such as virtual reality, user-generated content, the visual experience, and in-store connections to online to create a more personalized experience. It’s going to be a banner year. From developing more sophisticated implementation strategies of existing techniques to employing entirely new methods of reaching customers around the world, commerce marketers have a lot to do.