The countdown to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is on. Are you ready? I hope your answer is a resounding YES! But if not, take a few deep breaths. You still have some time, and we’re here to help you finish up with an entire Holiday Resource Center full of marketing tips, calendar recommendations and more. Check it out! Today, I want to highlight three important revenue-generating tools that should definitely be part of your holiday plan.

Triggered Emails

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year, so it’s expected that you will see more traffic to your site. Before the big shopping weekend, be sure you have set up abandoned cart and post-purchase triggered emails to reach the surge of shoppers. They are both great ways to extend your reach to your customers, while adding some extra sales during the busy season. A post-purchase series is a great way to recommend products to customers that are related to their recent purchase, which can help encourage them to come back and purchase for themselves or someone else this holiday season. I received the email below from Pottery Barn Kids two days after I purchased. Not only did it offer relevant product recommendations, it had a great subject line (“Thank You for your purchase! Here’s another idea just for you!”) that stood out in my inbox and piqued my interest about what they were going to recommend.

Pottery Barn Kids example

Wish Lists

If you currently offer wish list functionality on your site, then this one is another no-brainer. If you don’t, it’s definitely something you should consider. By having a wish list in place, you can use the data that your customers provide on their wish list to send them relevant targeted emails that could encourage them to start shopping. With that data, you could create a number of effective campaigns. You might try out-of-stock or in-stock notifications to let customers know the status of the items they added to their wish list. Price drop alerts that let customers know their wish list items are on sale are also great ways to reach out.

Flash Sales

A flash sale campaign remains a staple campaign for the holiday season. It’s a great way to grab your customer’s attention. But the key to a successful flash sale campaign is timing. In my experience, the shorter the flash sale, the more effective it will be. But you can always test to see if this is true for you! Another key factor for these campaigns is urgency. Be sure to create a sense of urgency by mentioning the discount and the time limit for the promotion. This email from Best Buy touts a four-hour sale and is super clear on the timing. Best Buy example

I hope the holidays are successful for you, and I’d love to hear how you plan to reach your customers this season!