As ecommerce retailers constantly look for ways to increase customer loyalty and revenues, they sometimes ignore the proven solution that’s already an integral part of their marketing arsenal: automated email marketing campaigns. While you probably have email marketing campaigns implemented, it’s worth reviewing your strategy regularly to make sure it's driving loyalty and sales. Use these tactics to ensure your email marketing strategy boosts customer loyalty.

Segment contacts for better targeting.

Segmenting contact lists by anything from interests to demographics can increase open rates and click-through rates significantly, so it’s worth spending time on effective segmentation instead of annoying your contacts with blanket or irrelevant emails. You may want to segment customers who have spent the most in a quarter by sending them a special mailer with a complimentary gift to thank them. Similarly, you could target lapsed customers with a campaign that offers a discount to encourage them to return to your store. Segmentation has been long proven to drive loyalty, as customers will feel valued by your brand for taking the time to send them communications that are more likely to interest them. TIP:  LoyaltyLion’s integration with the Bronto Marketing Platform (BMP) allows you to segment contacts by custom field data, order details, email actions or inactions, location, list membership, open and click rates and device. Or, you can select loyalty-related properties to push, such as point balances or number of rewards claimed.

Personalize your messages.

Customers are much more likely to engage and shop with your brand if they feel like they are having a more personalized ecommerce experience. Personalization and segmentation often go hand-in-hand; whether you reference a customer by name or simply reference the last product they purchased, your email is personally tailored to the customer and helps to foster that brand loyalty.
  • Collect data such as gender, birthday, interests and more, and you can use data intelligently to personalize your email communications. Segmentation powers personalization, so you can: target young women in New York who have purchased A-line dresses from your brand, for example. You can personalize email campaigns to send birthday messages with a promotional code. You can address customers by name or limit product promotions to select VIP customers who spend more with your brand. These and similar tactics create a sense of exclusivity, which draws shoppers back to your brand.
TIP:  Bronto gives you a clear view of each member of your loyalty program. You can use Bronto’s Recommendations Premium app to create highly personalized email messages to your contacts, based on their past browse, shopping cart and purchasing behaviors. The more you personalize your messages, the more data you gather over time to power your personalization efforts.

Customize transactional emails.

Most ecommerce retailers send emails to customers throughout the customer journey to communicate subscriptions and order or shipping confirmations. Transactional emails shouldn’t be overlooked as a way to encourage loyalty and repeat purchases.  Transactional emails, such as account sign-ups, order confirmations and shipping updates, typically have the highest open rates of all email types, as they respond directly to customer requests, purchases or actions. To increase click-through rates for transactional emails and create loyalty among new customers, consider the “four R’s” to encourage repeat visits:
  1. Add a reminder in the message about items they left in their shopping cart. These abandonment emails typically have high conversion rates and will go some way to recovering lost sales for your store.
  2. Include product recommendations in your order confirmation emails. It’s a good way to put additional products on a customer’s radar while they are in purchase mode.
  3. Ask for product and service reviews in confirmation emails alongside ratings to encourage customers to share user-generated content about their purchases. This approach fosters brand credibility and trust.
  4. Finally, ask customers for referrals in these emails and incentivize them to share them. Doing so can help boost acquisition rates because peer recommendations boost conversions more than traditional advertising campaigns.

TIP:  To see what types of emails are considered transactional, visit Is My Email Transactional? in Bronto Help. And stick to the 80/20 rule to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance: Only 20% of your transactional email should be promotional content. To customize transactional emails with LoyaltyLion and Bronto, simply insert Field Tags in your emails to make them personal and provide reminders about remaining loyalty points, for example, so they’ll return to your store. LoyaltyLion allows you to create your own online loyalty and engagement program, and our platform integrates with the Bronto Marketing Platform.

For more information about using LoyaltyLion with the Bronto Marketing Platform, contact your Bronto account manager.